New website layout

I just see the new front-page. I love it

the latest blog entry feature is very cool.

The text area ( Welcome to Panda3D) is perhaps a little too small ?

Anyway great work, looks fantastic !

I like the new front page with updated game pics. Actually it has made me want to try out the vampyre story game now.

Anyway its looking good.

Yeah, I already removed it from the reference and forums. But not because it’s distracting but to save space that could better be used for information. The removal from the front-page was merely aesthetic.

In the case of the manual, I want the content to not take all the horizontal space anyway because long lines are hard to read, so the screens don’t really take vital space and that’s why I left it. Does anybody else think they are distracting? I would say that with the level of visual stimulation we get nowadays that’s nothing, but if people really find it distracting I’ll remove it.

Yeah, you are right. The reason is I took the screen-shot for Pirates from Disney’s website and they didn’t have a high-res version, so I couldn’t scale it much or it would get distorted, that forced me to use that disposition… Silly reason. I’ll try to get a full res version of that and make it bigger some day.

I personally like the old colors and the more comic-like look better because it’s been more cozy but the new one looks more professional, cooler and cleaner (but colder, too).
As there is a a list to switch board styles in the profile-settings menu - Is it possible to make the old style available in this list?


I prefer the new one look. More clear, more efficient.

Good job!

Wow, the new homepage looks great!

No, that would be very difficult. The forum is just a section of the website. Most of the styling is external, and as such, cannot be switched via a forum setting.

I see you added a drop down menu thingy today. Its actually pretty neat, but looks weird for Forum and Blog, since there arent’t any options

Just noticed the new mouseover navi bar. It’s nice to have shorter ways, but unfortunately it’s implemented in JavaScript, which is evil.
I won’t protest as long as it’s all still usable without JS (although less comfortable). Just keep in mind, that there are people around without JavaScript activated.

Sidenote: The color of the bar brings in yet another new color and there already is very little harmony in the colorscheme.

Nowadays most browsers support JavaScript. A browser that doesn’t, is a relict of the yearly fake browser age.

Have you tried disabling JavaScript? If you did, you’d see that everything is still accessible without.

Yeah I noticed. I thought about adding some things like some shortcuts for the forums and wordpress but I want to try first how it looks with the bar turning white. I think in any case it’s a matter of getting used to it.

This doesn’t make sense, how exactly does this harm a NO-JS user, he still has the same options exactly that he would have if the menu didn’t exist. Care to explain how does the existence of the javascript submenu makes usage less confortable for the JS user? He will always have to click twice in this setting just as the day before today. I know it’s hard for geeks to resist the opportunity to repeat a dogmatic mantra but this is the kind of permissible JS usage that is accepted everywhere, and it’s not mandatory.

Uh, yeah, we did? Javascript hides some things and replaces them with others. What is shown initially is determined statically, so everything works just as you’d expect without JS. I hate to be cranky, but why tell us to keep in mind something that we kept in mind? If you go around a technical forum “teaching” basic principles of usability that everybody knows since the year 2000, some people could even consider it rude.

That dark blue is the same hue and saturation than the other blue, just less luminosity so no, that’s not inharmonious in any possible way, you are suffering the usual incremental change rejection syndrome. When an outsider is present in the middle of a process every little change seems dissonant because one accepts every functional state as final, since they don’t know how the end result will look like. Were you to see this color scheme in any website you end up after a google search you wouldn’t even give it a second thought.

I didn’t mean outdated browsers. There are many evil JavaScript scripts out there - that’s why many people (me included) usually browse with JS disabled manually or activate it only for certain sites (e.g. using the Fx add-on NoScript). In some cases also mobile phone browsers aren’t interpreting JavaScript properly.

that’s why i said “I won’t protest”

Sorry for being disrespectful. It wasn’t my intention to annoy you. I only wanted to prevent the possibility you would remove the static navigation. and although it’s a usability principle there are many web developers/-designers out there who don’t care about that and implement their navigations all in JavaScript or even worse, Flash, without alternatives.

Never heard of that but it sounds interesting and there’s surely some truth in it. But truth is also that the current colorscheme contains many different hues of blue, blue-violet, grey and green (And the new bar adds a new, very dark hue). None of them are complementary to each other, nor are they connected otherways. The neutral white color is the only possible separator at the moment.
I like the fact that you added a gradient to the submenu bar, by the way. Gradients are the main design device you used here and it’s good to see it spread uniformly. (And I had my problems with the main menu before you added that bar, that were not least concerning the missing header space, which is now nicely expanded.)

In the end it’s all more of custom taste, theory and philosophy than science.

I thank you for your responses and for taking any critique seriously, also some silly ones like most of mine :blush:.
Just for your information: I’ll immadiately stop commenting on this if you wish so. I could imagine you feel offended in a way, which really isn’t my intention.

Have a nice day.

</longest post ever xD>