new to this

hi you guys i am totaly new to this and i am a high school student and i got through the tutorial but after that i got completly lost. i was wondering if someone could help me understand it a little more. most of it just went over my head. i checked this out because i hope to be a game designer one day well anyways i just wanted to know if someone could help me understand it

be welcome.

first off : we can’t explain how panda works in just a simple forum post, its simply would take too long to explain^^ but that’s what the documentations are there fore.

for general understanding on how panda works and how you get started there are a number of helps. first one is the absolute beginner thread which you might have mentioned as “the tutorial” already. ->
then there is the manual which leads you to most of the panda basics ->
then there are a number of samples which come with panda itself. they can be found in your panda directory. they are worth looking at to get some inspiration on how to get things done with panda.
for informations on classes panda provides look here ->
and last but not least you can use the forum search which is really usefull.
if you are used to IRC feel free to join #panda3d on

btw. i think your post should rather go into the “general discussion” thread. maybe some mod can move it :slight_smile:thx

hope this was of help,. if not feel free to ask a little bit more specific. where you stopped and what you want to do and so on…

thomas e

i should say i am haveing a hard time with python not panda sorry i should have clarified

Then go to python tutorials and follow those. Here’s a good list for beginners:

You first have to learn python before you learn Panda3D. It’s that simple.

This is a fantastic resource for learning python, specifically aimed at your age group.

This will allow you to play around with creating a game in 2D first by providing a simple wrapper for PyGame. It will be enough to teach you the fundamentals of Python and other concepts that you will run into with programming in Panda3D.

thanks guys i will check these out