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Hello everybody.
Me and my team are developing a high quality Real Time Strategy game with advanced features like “Edges Free” maps up in various landscapes (desert, snow and grass), Network multiplayer game , Outstanding gameplay, resource collection and management, economic system, unit ranking and player ranking, and formation movement for units, Negociation interface and diplomatic advisor and Competitives I.A. characters synthetised with personality features.

We have most models done, we need only uvmaps; but our experience in Python - Panda isn’t enough to make it, we need more programmers able to help us.

The game is based on ARSENAL Extended Power by tactical soft.

This game will be at the beginning free, if we have success, maybe we will sell it…


If you are interested please contact us or visit our site!!


im confused it looks to me as though all your objects are textured? why would you need to uvmap these if they are already textured? huh. well i can uvmap if you need my help post a reply!

dont want to spoil the fun. but the models are bearly suited for realtime-purpose… to be more precise. not suited at all.
respect you already finished 2 games. as it seems.
but from your models i’d say you have not much experience with 3D game-programming in general,of course there is nothing wrong with that, dont take this personal. its just the impression i got from the screens.
just means that all your artists would need to learn to create 3d-hardware-friendly yet good looking models.
especially texture quality would need to improve a lot. or your “high quality Real Time Strategy game” wont really look like “high quality”… and/or will have really poor performance.
using the models above will greatly break performance even on high-end machines when you use them in an RTS.
dont get me wrong. they are totaly fine for pre-rendered cut-scenes.

your feature-whish-list doesnt sound too breathtakeing. but if you implement everything you listed you will have a solid RTS game.

since you guys already have written 2 other rts games you should know about what it takes to write games and you most likely already have some basic AI, pathfinding and things done.

well i’m not a big fan of RTS games and i’m short on time so i’ll skip beeing programmer for this project.
if you have questions concerning panda+python,models,pipline or something else related to that, you can always ask here on the forum.
panda and python are not hard to learn. so that shouldnt be your problem,

could you not get the same effect or better looking models that are hardware friendly just like modelers do for the 360 and playstation 3 by layers and normalmapping with some glosses here and there? thats why i thought the models on the playstation 3 looked so good because of those “hardware” friendly techniques

thats what i mean.
thought you dont really need all that normalmaps and specular maps and and and.
you can have really nice looking models with a plain simple mesh and a single well-made texture.
of course normal maps and the like can improve the quality. but they can also break it further.
ways more important would be. there are TONS of tiny details , especially on the tanks, which will break performance. many of those tiny details either needs to be LOD’ed away or replaced otherwise, with good textures, imposters etc. the more important “rough” shape would need some improvement too. on some models it’s too bulky. on others its too detailed,too,

models sorta look similar to the ones in early command&conquer cut-scenes. and thats most likely what they were used for. pre-rendered movie sequences.
a good foundation for building new, realtime-suited models. but you wont be able to use for much other stuff.

No, we are not from tactical soft team, we would just a game better than their: that game has pretty nice ideas, but the realization isn’t the best (really poor graphics, no very clever AI …)

I have these detailed models but i could just, as you say, remove details, i tought to use the “weld” function of 3ds Max.

I actually don’t know: as i said we need more experienced programmers for our game, because we are really new to Python - Panda, and we could make lots of errors and take lots of time more.

I have other features in mind, they were the mains…

What do you mean for Hardware friendly techniques, how to use them?

um why dont you email me and we shall talk further about the “hardware friendly” techniques i was talking about. I will pull from my game gems book to give you the technical specifics of what i mean but for now here is my email

thanks and I would be happy to help on your project as I could use the experience in programming with panda but I’m fairly good with python (basics) but I’m still not very savy i the networking department of python or panda! but dont worry I have textbooks and maybe some more time when school slows down!

Just figured i would update, so far we have a programmer who is on the team, but we are looking for more who are experienced with the language and willing to help out in the development… we currently have enough people creating models and assets for the game… (sound files, textures, etc) and we have a very strong idea as to what we will do with the game.

currently we have a seperate site that we have all detailed project info on, and you need a password to be made for you to have access to it…

essentially, if you are interested in helping out, just respond here and let us know…

we could use more programmers on the project of course, as it would speed up development quite a bit… but we are also taking in whoever can add any special skills… another thing we would like to have is someone who is experienced with “bones” in 3ds max…

anyway, just something to consider…

let us know if you want to join the project.


hey ur email adress you gave me did not work it bounced back to me :slight_smile: I tried to email you something that I was talking about. just email me again and lets see if it works this time

if this is a low-poly than I’ll join!

what will you do, dany?

what are you experienced with?

I just like low-poly strategies, I’ll do anything I can, but I just finished basic training. (models, render tree, effects like motion trails-which I find too easy) But I got a lot of experience doing AI. I mean, I did a lot of text-based AI. I just given 2 coordinates and the AI “moved” there. No graphics+it was written in a batch filet which deleted my antivirus:(.

hey dany0 by anti virus you mean you wrote an ai to find the virus and delete it? hmm that gives me a good idea…but thats for later anyway I emailed you plato so check ur email!

nope, still havent gotten any email… perhaps you should just message me on here with a private message. in any case, we could definately use more help, so we will get you set up soon…

if anyone else is interested too, just let us know…

A couple of things: You should listen to ThomasEgi. The models you have look great but you can tell by looking at them that they have a ton of vertices. This isn’t a huge problem but you will have to reduce the poly count before you can put that model into an RTS type game. The computer simply won’t be able to render that much. The other issue is that at the level of zoom, etc. that you need for an RTS game you really won’t notice all the details you have in your models and it will just be wasted processing power.

At the moment I have a few projects running and too little time to develop them like I want. I am in the process of making a barebones RTS template for Panda called “BBRTS”. It’s kind of the opposite of what you’re doing: I’m focusing entirely on the programming side of making the interface and the two levels of AI: individual unit AI, and strategic AI. I’m using a simple, low poly walker model I made as the units. It also has support for A* pathfinding, but at the moment I’ve disabled it because it made the program far too slow to run the A* algorithm in python.

In theory I could have most everything I want with it done soon, but I just don’t have much time. This weekend I added in support for generating terrain and water. I’ve already got my RTS camera (zoom and pan) and the mouse interface for unit control done.

The idea for me is that I want the program to be as generic as possible- so that it could be modified to create different types and genres of RTS games. You could add in different artwork and change the values in some of the files to change the game completely around.

Tricount really does not matter that much any more…

I think all rts’es are very different and is no common engine that one could use (unlike FPS games). Unless its very very advanced ~ but then its just panda3d with tons of libraries.

If you run out of RTS ideas, i suggest for you to look at ta-spring source code (best RTS IMO) - it has more then a few nuggets there.

Just want to let people know, we knew about the poly count issue before we even posted that, and we ARE making different models that will be less poly, and as far as zooming out, we will have secondary models that will be even lower poly, to be used at a certain level of detail, so there will be no unnecessary poly render…

we know, the models we have now are too good… it should be no problem to make other models that are low poly but look as good, at varying levels of details…

so as far as listening to thomas, you can say that we took his suggestion before he even made it… there are a few different people on this project, and i was advocating for lower poly count from the start… the people finally caught on to what i was saying…

anyway, i like the idea of a “standardize” template for RTS games… sounds good…

i think it would help a lot of beginners…

in any case, we are interested in getting a terrain system going, where there can be changes in the environment, such as a bulldozer moving over the ground, and changing the height of the earth beneath…

we have one or two programmers, but the more the merrier, they say…

If you are interested please contact us or visit our site!!

—post didn’t make any sense anymore since the post i replied to was also removed—

Actually i am not using Google Sketch Up…
I use 3ds Max 9 with new models, and i have a problem converting the old ones from Sketch Up to 3ds max.

I decreased verticles to the models i have on 3ds max, and now they are about 1500 verticles / each.

If you are interested please contact us or visit our site!!