1500 each sounds ok for mid-distance models.
what’s your current workflow and where are the exact problems?

We have a lot of ideas for the game, we have half models done.

We must start developing it, we need a terrain, that acts like a world (when you go a lot on the right it automatically moves you on the left): we are seeking other programmers able to help us and speed up the project, because we haven’t enough experience with Panda and Python.

basically, we have one programmer that is working on this specifically, and another that is just helping out when he can…

we would like more scripters.

we have enough people working on 3d models, and sounds, textures, and other things, but we need people who are experienced with python/panda scripting, and anyone else who wants to join is GREATLY appreciated.

the more the merrier.

if there is anyone out there that wants to get involved in this project in any way, scripting or otherwise, please visit our project site, and get in touch with one of us.

We still need developers for our rts game; if anyone is interested please write here or contact us.


If you are interested please contact us or visit our site!!