Network code

I decided to release a package of my network code for all those who might be interested in it.

It has a pretty simple interface (at least if think so :slight_smile:.

Documentation and examples are included in the package you can download.
Just start the and afterwards the to see nothing happen :slight_smile:
the network/shared/ allows you to enable DEBUG which will print a lot of messages.

If you find any bugs or want to use it in the project i would be glad if you post it here.

look below for current version…

(i got reports about a user not being able to extract the zip, heres a tgz as well which can be extracted using 7zip for example)

look below for current version…

Hi there,

Thanks for sharing this network code its appreciated :slight_smile:   Panda users can definitely take note and save for future consideration. I dont have time atm but I will definitely look at this soon.

cheers :wink:

I updated the networking code with a new module. (not by myself) has been put in as a pickle replacement for security reasons. The api didnt change at all.

same as above but in case anyone has problems with the zip

THX for posting this !
the improved security was exactly what i was looking for :slight_smile:
already added the to my own networking^^