Looking for a 3D map generator


for my minecraft clone I am looking for a (open source) map generator. I would like to give it a seed, a 3D space and some config and expect an object holding the generated content of the 3D space.

That is very specific, but does anyone know a tool or project that assists procedural map generation?

All I could find so far were city/street map generators and level/map editors.


You’ll probably want to be searching for procedural voxel-based terrain generation algorithms.

That’s great, exactly what I was looking for! Many thanks for the hint!

I would be willing to help you write one. I have to make one for my game too.

Hi Stinger,

that would be great, indeed. Even though my needed approach does not have to be too elaborate, I have recognized that there are a LOT of conditions summing up in order to create a decent map. Especially if it is supposed to be continuous and calculatable in chunks (at least not too much extra around it).

I admit that I have neglected my project since Christmas, but I should return back to it asap.


I would help too. Since i need also one for my game.

You guys should check out these threads:

Thanks for the hints, I will have a look!