Localisation: "Panda3D" in Korean

I currently intend an (amateur) localisation of one of my projects into Korean. One of the strings that I’m localising is a brief note that the project was made using Panda3D. And there lies my uncertainty: How should I write “Panda3D”? Should I translate the word “Panda”, and “3D”? Should I just leave it in English? Or something else?

(Right now I’m defaulting to just leaving it in English; in all fairness, I intend to do similar with my surname.)

The word Panda3D is a wordmark as well as an acronym and usually you won’t translate those as they will loose their meaning and recognizability. Translations may even lead to people looking for the engine not find it at all, so I strongly recommend using the word Panda3D or add the complete logo with the panda head in the note.

Thank you very much for the information and advice! :slight_smile:

I’ve already released the game in question (it was Night River; see my thread here), and thankfully I did indeed leave it untranslated. Nevertheless, it’s good to have some confirmation that I chose well in that, and to have further advice for any future such endeavours. :slight_smile:

I wasn’t aware that “Panda” was an acronym! What does it expand to?

Platform-Agnostic Networked Display Architecture, I believe, though not sure that the exact meaning is still relevant.

Ah, I see! Now that you mention it, that is slightly familiar–perhaps I saw it somewhere, some time ago. Thank you for expanding on that for me! :slight_smile: