Linux Ubuntu user: Installer generation

Hi everybody :smiley: ,
I am new to Panda3d. I have make my first pong example and I want to show it to my friends.

What are the tools to generate installer for Windows (EXE) and Linux?
I have seen packpanda but I read that it doesn’t work under linux
What about py2exe?
Moreover it is possible to create an installer also for linux?

Thanks everybody for the replies :wink:

You can try PyInstaller.

For a spec file layout that seems to work, try the one suggested by mindstormss in this thread (I link to the thread and not the post since there are a few minor pitfalls elsewhere in the thread that you might benefit from seeing if you try PyInstaller). I have what I think is a slightly altered version of that file layout that I use, but there’s little enough difference that you should be able to use what mindstormss gives there, I believe.

I use PyInstaller, and have been fairly pleased with the results.

thank you
it seems a little bit complicate, maybe this time I will startup windows :slight_smile:

by the way any other suggestion is welcome :slight_smile:

Oh, by the way, I am told that PyInstaller also works on linux. Never tried it, though.
If you’re looking how to make a .deb on ubuntu, just google for that. There are plenty of resources available about that.