Interactive scene

Version 0.1.0
Module to add interactivity to loaded model.
Sequences and Parallels, based on the tags and started by events - such as a mouse click or hover over the object.

Current features:

  • Generating Actor Interval, Function Interval, Wait Interval, working with Shape key for include them into Sequences
  • adding your own functions
  • adding an event handler in runtime without using the tags

Syntax description in README.txt + see the attached example and a model file.

Short video


Hi ninth,

I did not have success to make it using 3dsmax, I tried your Blender example but I dont know use Blender very well and I dont know install the exporter plugin correctly.

Please, Can you help me?

Thank you in advance.

This sample is for an outdated Blender version. And I am not sure that this snippet actually useful. It’s was just an experiment. Also I not work with 3ds and can’t tell you is 3ds has support Tags exporting.