IDE editor for Panda 3D

Hello folks…

I want to ask you what IDE do you use to write yours scripts for Panda…

I tested Eclipse for Python and Pype… but i dont like too much Eclipse for the color schema, i prefer those editors with black background and white letters (because is tireless for eyes), i could not understand how to change colors in that program, and Pype seems to have some bugs (minimizing and maximizing)… now I downloaded Python-G, is really soft, black bg, white letters, like linux’s console, but this is from year 2003, is too old, does not matter to script for Panda?..

Which one do you use?..

I use SPE. Until I found SPE I used DrPython, and I might go back actually because while it integrates debugging and gui design tools, the latest version of SPE has broken the ability to set custom colors. DrPython is a really simple IDE that handles just the most important features I want (color-coding and a code browser) and not much else.

EDIT: And having said that, I am no longer using SPE. Right after posting that I decided to switch back to DrPython, plus I picked up another IDE called Boa Constructor to use occasionally when building GUI applications.

i use pspad
it doesn’t only support python it supports alot of other languages as well.
you can chance syntax highlighting and you can load file templates.

the only bad point is that it doesn’t save the panda prc files correctly.


NetBeans. It serves its purpose quite excellentlly.Really good IDE.

I use geany. It’s not really an IDE, but it’s lightweight, fast, and even faster and less memory intensive than gedit.

Geany can’t save bookmarks. It doesn’t have macro recording and color scheme.
But the terminal is handy.
On Linux, I prefer pspad on wine, so I can break to python prompt.
For developing panda app, I mostly use my own.

eclipse here…it has many plugins , not the least of which is pydev , and abiliity to work with SVN. It’s cross platform as well of course.

I chose it because atm I only work in windows and svn is a pain here to use other than a gui, whereas in linux I tend to prefer using CLI for svn. I may consider eclipse and pydev plugin there too if I like it enough here in windows.


I’m all for PSPad, and I’ve tried every Python IDE I could find. I like my IDE simple but effective. I’ve found PSPad to be the most intuitive for scripting.

Notepad++ :slight_smile:

I see, there are many good IDEs to try, going to try out them…

Hey that looks pretty good, thanks for pointing it out! Also, from a friend I just learned that TextWrangler, the text editor I already use for HTML and plain text, has syntax highlighting and function navigation for Python. TextWrangler is Mac only though, guessing that doesn’t help you any.

hmm… tried Geany, nice viewing, but does it marks the internal command with colors?, because I typed “import” without “” and text is still black, like a variable… maybe must to configure it…

Save your file with a .py extension first, or use the “Document” > “Set filetype” menu.

I’m lost without an editor witout tab bars and that can’t easily split ad-libitum vertically and horizontally into multiple files and Kate got it all (besides many other nice fittings). It’s only on KDE (afaik) and lacks a macro recorder but nobody’s perfect.

right now I’m using PyScripter, which is also really good for python, but it has trouble to run panda applications.

I’m a Kate user, but just to correct astelix it runs fine under gnome and can also be made to run under Windows, though its a bit hairy under windows. Its really nice though - handles word wrap and indentation in combo well, which most of the others don’t.

heya k-bro’! :smiley:
of course, you can run it into gnome installing kde libraries but on windows I would use Komodo that reminds me Kate the most (even if it lacks some important features) and got the macro recorder too!

vim ftw :slight_smile:

ps: only for shell/keyboard junkies

Sorry to necro, but better to necro than start a new post on the same topic. Maybe this should be sticky, since it has come up again?

I use NetBeans, when I need a full IDE; although that isn’t very often, I do have one project where it’s really helpful. If you do testing, their new code coverage support is brilliant, and it has the best mercurial integration I’ve seen as well.

For most hacking though, I stick to SciTE if I have graphics, and vim if I don’t. I know that if I memorized some more things, vim would be more useful to me, but I can’t memorize enou8gh stuff, so it’s the last resort for me. Easily the best terminal editor around though. And SciTE is pretty darn good, but you have to configure it via config scripts. But when configured it’s pretty nice, with some of the most esoteric languages supported I’ve ever seen.

I’m another Eric4 user