IDE editor for Panda 3D

I use Komodo. It’s a really good IDE and you can organize your code into projects that are well presented in the interface. Also makes a great debugger for Python.

Syntax coloring is customizable and well Komodo is packed with features. Also, you can write XML and other languages with it too. Syntax checking is done. Really great!

PSPad here aswell. As i work in loads of different script languages i prefer to not learn another IDE for each of them. And you can create ur own templates! Brilliant if you start from scratch often…

I’m using NetBeans I’m actually pretty satisfied with it.


  • Very easy to configure
  • Project management
  • Integrated SVN (by installing a plugin)


  • Kind of slow starting up
  • It seems that you can only refactor methods and not data members (?)
  • The code completion suggestions that appear after pressing ‘.’ sometimes take a while to appear. When they do, instead of showing you only the attributes of the instance in question, they show you all the attributes of everything that’s been imported in that module!

I also tried Eclipse (PyDev), but the IDE kept telling me and marking errors in places where actually there were none.

I use SPE becasuse its the first ide that I ever tried. I would like you use eclipse so that I have ONE IDE for php,python,java and C. But for some reason I just cannot figure out how to use it. In otherwords there is no easy transitional instuction site or document for those people that are beginning or intermediate programmers. The tutorials that I have found seem to assume that you have been programming for years. At least they seem that way to me.

I use the one thats built in to Python. Just right click and go to edit with IDLE.

Not sure how well it will work in Python coding, I used it for Blitz, and Php, as well as C++, I think I seen a option for Python.

You can customize alota stuff, and I use it mostley beacuse has a important(to me) plugin you can download from thier plugin list :stuck_out_tongue: a Auto saver you can set the timer for lol

When I start coding I just code and code and sometimes loss track of time and forget to save then im in alota trouble when something breaks in windows, and that is pretty often lol, and i have to start all over again lol

That almost never happens to me. I’m quite trigger-happy on Ctrl-S myself. (Or Ctrl-O in nano) :slight_smile:

I’m using IDLE for smaller programs and eclipse for bigger stuff.

Aaaah… another tiny/nano user… XD

Best Editor ev0r! :smiley:

Jokes aside… I am using pure text editors for my code. For simple code highlighting I use the midnight commander’s internal editor. (bug fixing and such).

Writing my pyhton/html stuff is done in tiny/nano indeed. My biggest project so far is a server control web framework with approx. 40k letters. - See? It can be done in basic text editors, too. :wink: (Size estimated from the file size minus some repeating text - nearly no additional comments in the text)

Regards, Bigfoot29

Think only Emacs wasnt mentioned yet. Once your project is running you never need to restart it.

„Emacs started out as a text editor, which became a way of life for many users because they could do all their work on a computer while never exiting from Emacs, and ultimately it became a religion as well.“
– Richard Stallman

As requested before: Sticky please!


:open_mouth: Teh Emacs is Evul! :open_mouth:
Noooooo! :smiley:

About stickifying: I wouldn’t want to stickify a hundredt of maybe-but-not-really-important threads. This just stops the forum from being usefull when the first 2 pages are stickies.

Make a Thread saying “Things you might wanna know before posting/asking” that is maintained actively. -> I would love to stickify this.

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