How to install via apt-get (without nvidia-cg-toolkit)

Hello all,
I referred to some threads here, namely,[url]Is there a PPA of Panda3D 1.8.x for Ubuntu 12.04 64bit]
I get dependency issue.

The following packages have unmet dependencies:
 panda3d1.8 : Depends: nvidia-cg-toolkit but it is not installable

I dont want to install nvidia-cg-toolkit, as it doesnt come under a Free software license.
How to install panda3d sdk without nvidia-cg-toolkit?


You will need to compile Panda3D from source. But you won’t have support for Cg shaders.

But, I would advise just enabling the ‘multiverse’ component of the Ubuntu repos instead. NVIDIA has recently changed its license to allow free redistribution, in case that was your concern. If your complaint is that it’s not open-source, then there’s nothing that can be done about it; you’ll need to compile Panda3D from source, omitting Cg support.

My concern was, as i mentioned earlier, nvidia-cg-toolkit not being under a Free Software license[1](not just redistribution or open source). Unlike Panda3D, which is under a Free Software license - Revised BSD[2]

Panda3D’s wikipedia page[3] mentions that

I got the impression that “easily excluded from the installation” applied to installation from deb packages.

Thanks for clearing my misconception.


We’ve in the past separated out specific components that people wanted to be able to exclude without needing recompilation (such as ARToolKit, which has the restrictive GPL license), but there hasn’t been much clamour to make this happen with Cg in specific.

Although we certainly do plan to make the Cg support a loadable plugin that can be removed at runtime, for now, you’ll need to compile Panda3D from source. It isn’t difficult to do so, however; it’s simply a matter of installing the right packages followed by invoking “makepanda”.

It can be argued that recompiling Panda3D with --no-nvidiacg falls under “easily excluded from the installation”, but I admit that it’s worded a bit ambiguously. However, I am planning to overhaul the shader system to be slightly more modular, which will give me the opportunity to separate out the Cg support as a separate, loadable module, similar to how we separate out the FMOD audio plugin and ARToolKit. Can’t give any promises about when that will happen, though.

Any update on this? Nonfree software packages are a pretty big problem for me as well, and I can’t get makepanda working to save my life.

No, sorry. While you can of course compile without NVIDIA Cg, it’s still compiled into the core libraries and cannot be removed from a build compiled with it. This will change in the future, especially as Cg is no longer maintained, but not the immediate future.