Is there a PPA of Panda3D 1.8.x for Ubuntu 12.04 64bit

since Ubuntu 12.04 was released, and Panda3D 1.8.0 was released too.

And I just found Panda3D was on Launchpad (

So is there a PPA to install Panda3D 1.8.x on Ubuntu 12.04 64bit?


There is none, but you can add the repo from oneiric and it should work (does here).

Just add this line to /etc/apt/sources.list:

deb oneiric main

Also there are snapshots for precise here: … =devel&sdk

No, but there is for the 1.9 branch. Do the same thing as Nemesis said, but then use “precise-dev” instead of “oneiric”.

It works on Ubuntu 12.10 also
(with deb precise-dev main)