How does one achieve collision meshes on a .egg model?


I want to find a way to ease collision detection whilst minimizing the number of collision shapes needed to specify the source files.

I am using Roaming Ralph as the sample to investigate how uneven terrains have collisions, and the source file states that the model has collision meshes.

Question is, how does one achieve collision meshes on Blender and export it to .egg for the source file to understand it?

What version of Blender are you using?


Ah, I’m still on an older version, I’m afraid, so I fear the the process that I use likely isn’t applicable to yours. I’ll leave this for someone else to respond to, then, I think!

If you want a general-purpose collision generator for the built-in collision system, you could take a look here: Collision mesh from loaded model for built-in collision system

Feel free to try out my generator code intended for Bullet physics integration on your .egg files here: Automatic Collision Generation for Bullet from Preloaded Models

This will produce GeomNode and tristrips which are less efficient than other methods of collision generation.

There is no officially supported exporter that can generate .egg models from Blender 2.92. If you are using a non-supported exporter, you should ask your question on the website of that tool.