How do i load this map and display it? PBR, multiple textures, large mesh...etc

How would i go about rendering this (map.blend) model?

It is everything the engine doesnt like, it’s got MULTIPLE different PBR textures, and its an entire 1.3mb in .blend.

I tried everything id normally do, but to no avail. I don’t even know what file format to use for it.

Could someone help me with this/

From a cursory look, it looks like blend2bam in conjunction with panda3d-simplepbr should be able to handle this without trouble, since it uses a fairly standard Principled BSDF setup.

Let us know if you are encountering issues with it.

You can use blend2bam like @rdb suggested. I use it as it is able to export large blend files. If you want .egg files, use bam2egg after using blend2bam.

So i installed and initialised it and the following happened:

  • i can’t set background colour in my game anymore, making the menu look horrible. The command i am using dor the background is


Did you set the background color before initialising simplepbr or after?

I’ll take a look at the blend file and see if I get the same issues, when I get a moment.

I tried before and after with the same effect

What exactly do you mean by “you cant set the background colour”? Are you suggesting that the colour doesn’t appear at all?

Please note that simplepbr uses gamma-correct rendering, so the colours may appear somewhat different; the background colour matching your chosen colour with gamma correction should be (0.112, 0.174, 0.174).

Its a grayish white color. I doesnt change at all. Also the fact that it does not render the actual model is a bigger problem

I’m looking at the model. But are you saying you are seeing a gray color if you call this before the call to simplepbr.init() ?

base.setBackgroundColor(0.112, 0.174, 0.174)

When I do that, I get a teal colour.

I got the background to work now by putting it before that along with the modified color value. Thank you very much much for that!

Onto the model problem i guess

Do you have the textures, too? They’re not included in the .blend file, so that’s why there are no textures appearing in Panda either. Maybe you could send me a new file with the textures packed in?

I could identify several other problems with your materials. For one, you have no coordinates defined for any of your textures, so there is no way to sample them:
You need to use an UV Map node with the correct UV set selected. Also select the correct UV set on the Normal Map node. Like so:

Since you are using normal maps, you also need to make sure that you have enabled them in simplepbr:


Your normal maps are also marked as “sRGB” color space, which will cause incorrect results. You should select “Non-Color” (for the normal maps, not for the base color textures!), as shown above.

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How would i go about doing that?

I’ve explained that in the post above, including a screenshot of how it should look. Are you having difficulties with a particular step?

Are the textures present at all for you, or is the mesh showing up pink inside Blender like it does for me?

Everything shows up fine in blender. I packed the textures, added a UV map, set the normals to non-color, but im having a lot of trouble with this one step.

Heres what i have now if it helps: link to gofile download

It still has the same result in Panda3d though

Personally I like to just export to .gltf (which is an embedded .glb) from the Blender export menu. I use blend2bam for any Actors, because of the good armature support.

It’s a little finicky to get the UV mapping (I usually do a cube projection) and texturing just so. But it’s definitely possible to get a good result. I would recommend using the latest Blender version.

The textures seem to export fine for me now, with your latest blend file.

Cool! Could you please try rendering it in Panda3d yourself, and tell me what happens/ what i can do to fix it?

I tried glt too and i got the same result

Hi! I got the textures to work somewhat in SimplePBR, but its still unusable. Here is a before and after comparison:


As you can see, there are some white spots inside the grass texture and many items are untextured entirely.

The model and a minimal code example can be found here: Gofile

Pls someone help im screwed if i can’t load this model

Guys i genuinely cannot contine my project if i can’t fix this and i would have to scrap it. Please help someone

Do remember that it’s Sunday, and some users may be away from their computers, or at least from the forum, until the new week.

If I may ask, how long do you have available to make progress on this?

(For myself, I’m afraid that I’m not in a position to help: I use an older version of Blender, don’t use blend2bam, and don’t use simplepbr.)