Hosting and linking drivird's C++ samples

about seven months ago Dri Vird wrote all Panda3D samples in C++, which was very frequently requested before. I’m wondering why the samples aren’t hosted on this site yet, nor linked anywhere (thinking of downloads section and manual). At the moment, it is not only hard to find them, but I also think that the author doesn’t get the attention he deserves.
I hope this will get “fixed” soon.

By the way, I think things like that could be posted on the (almost dead) blog.

Have a nice day

This is very good stuff, and I heartily endorse it to anyone who wants to learn Panda in C++. However, I don’t have the time to go through merging that code at the moment, so perhaps we could for now link to it in the manual.

So should I add a link on this page? … stribution

First I think it would be good to have a Panda3D hosted package, as we have the Python samples.

And sure, it should be mentioned on the manual IMHO.