Hello to all! What do you think about creating a game development team ?((PANDA3D))

If you agree with this idea, find me on WhatsApp at (+989384104825).

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If you want to build a team, it might help if you give a little more information on what you have in mind. Offhand:

  • What sort of game or games you have it in mind to make
  • How many people you’re looking for
  • What positions you have open
  • Whether you’re offering compensation
    • And, in the case that you are offering compensation, what form it will take–whether monthly wages, payment for work done, income-sharing, equity, or something else besides.
  • What position you intend to hold
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I am a Django programmer and I have a good income in my country.
But I like to build games so my intention in creating a game development team is to work on a fun project that is engaging and informative for the whole team. Maybe if this friendly relationship deepens. With the decision of the whole team, we can move towards economizing the work and generating income from it.

Sorry about my bad language I don’t want to do that again