Hard One - Panda Pro Needed.

What I’ve been trying to figure out is, how to get a flat object, to set its Hpr based on the angle of the current Terrain’s Face it is sitting over. Which would allow a flat object to remain flat on any angled Face of a Terrain.

I tried setting the Flat Object’s setHpr to the getSurfaceNormal values (detected during collision), but that did not work.

Anyone know the proper Panda way to do this?

Sounds like you might be asking the same question that was asked in this thread, or the thread linked within that one.


Yeah, that’s it…gracias. Didn’t even no about two of those API calls.

Much harder when you don’t have that well done API ref to look at.

Just out of curiosity…how long has the Panda Community been active? How many years?

as far as i can see the forum posts date back to 2004. panda itself should be older but i dont really know the details.

According to the first page of the manual, Panda was released as free software in 2002. That’s not strictly true–it was actually released as open source software a couple years earlier, possibly in 1999, but without much of a community until CMU took charge in 2002. And the license didn’t become “free software” until a few years later.

So, the short answer is, the community started to grow in 2002.