Generating primitives

There was a question recently about simple models. i’ve modelled some of the primitives after that, which can be found here .

after some talking with pro-rsoft i thought that a shape generator script would be even better, while it’s not optimised it may be something that could possibly be converted to c++ by someone?

here’s the current implementation:

Sounds like a cool idea, but whenever I click on any of the links from your site, I get a 500 Internal Server Error.

Sounds like something is up with your server!

Right, i’ve setup the files wrongly (the server wanted to interpret the python files, and not let you download them).

I’ve updated the page, it’s fixed now.

good idea - when i started panda, for a while i tried to find the primitive-objects…
should be integrated in panda - i think

Agree, very good idea! Integration could also be a nice starting point for a new scene-editor, that might be developed (before Duke Nukem will be released)!

Love it, i was thinking about making a simple primitive generator myself, but found this (which is 10000 times better than i could ever do!) works great :smiley: i know the thread is old, but if you see this do you mind if i use it for a maze game im working on?

do as you like. being mentioned in the credits of a game is allways nice :wink:

sweet thanks :slight_smile: def can do that :stuck_out_tongue:

I upgraded and returned the script back, after 12 years. A very useful code example. (11.0 KB)