Forward Only: strategic rogue-like game

See to this screenshot :

@ma3rx, @panda3dmastercoder, to save game one need to hit Esc and then “Save game”. There are restrictions (the button is grey, if it’s blocked): one not able to save game during fight, near a city and near a railway fork. All of the cases bring difficulties into world loading process, so saving is disabled in these cases, at least for now.

As for loading. Loading is disabled, if the program wasn’t able to find save files in game_catalog/saves. There should be six files in the catalog - three for the world itself and three for player’s condition. @ma3rx, do you have such files?

P.S. no autosaves are implemented.

@Ilya, thank)

Hello, @Ilya , How do you heal your characters? (Also, I forgot to read the text of an enemy campout, but it got over. Is there a way to re-read it somehow?)

There is a “Rest part” on the locomotive - point with mouse to its back side (windows, doors - there), you’ll see a tip. I suppose that’s a feature which most of the people don’t notice - one of the reasons to add a direct teaching. Rest zone is as other locomotive parts, but without a GUI arrow - just choose a character and press RMB on a rest zone to move character into it. Press LMB on the rest zone to see if there are characters in there, choose them in the appeared list and move to any other part to stop resting.

Also you can use medicine boxes to heal characters a little. Boxes can be found on outings (with the next release one will be able to buy them in cities as well).


I know the rest feature, its just that I didn’t know what it does. Also, I didn’t get med kits because I haven’t encountered an outing yet.

One more feature I suggest you add is that you can make us save many worlds. Currently, only one world can be saved. But if I started one with soldiers and another with raiders, I definitely want to play in both.

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What should you do when our characters die?

Hm-m, I didn’t think about using different saves for different teams… But that’s actually a good idea! I suppose it’s not very hard to implement, will try to include it into the next release (which is going to happen at 2x of March) :+1:

There is no way to revive a died character. He/she will be completely removed few seconds since death. One can only recruit new characters in a city and in some Meet outings.

Because Megan and Nathan died in a battle but Philip was somewhere else. Now how do I go in a meet outing which needs 3 people?

There is no way to start an outing if you don’t have enough people (I probably could allow it, but the result of such an outing will be very bad, so it’s not very sensible).

By the way, new game build is released: Release 0.6 - Alpha · IlyaFaer/ForwardOnlyGame · GitHub

I won’t copy all the changes description here (though, I’ve implemented several saving slots as you proposed - that’s something to mention), but I’ll say that the most complex mechanics are now implemented and the final form of the game is thought through. It’s time to think about in-game teaching, more train upgrades (including active guns) and balancing.

Thanks, for new release!

Hi, all! How is it going?

I’ve released one more alpha-build of the game. Finally, added in-game teaching and enemy classes descriptions. If something is still not very clear, please, let me know.

Also I’ve implemented more locomotive upgrades, including a grenade launcher and a cluster howitzer. Added more enemies, outing scenarios, balanced a lot of things. The whole list of changes can be found in the game repository, as well as the build:

Updated the alpha-footage video as well:

Going to start working on the main game goal and the scenario, as most of the technical things are implemented (maybe require some more care, but still implemented).


Nice graphics and concept! I’ve been looking forward to seeing your updates on this project.

Unfortunately, I am unable to get past the first loading menu. There seem to be some GUI bugs with text disappearing on my system.

The program closes with:

if base.traits_gui.is_shown:  # noqa: F821

AttributeError: ‘ForwardOnly’ object has no attribute ‘traits_gui’
:task(error): Exception occurred in PythonTask eventManager

after stalling at the first load screen.


Fixed the issue by removing the Cull/Draw model from your prc config file. Cull/Draw is bugged with GUI items even on simple programs I have tried. Not sure what’s going on there.

@Simulan, oh, thank you very much!

Yeah, multithreading mode causes some issues (one more). How your FPS feels without it?

The issue I mentioned above prevents me from using sprite particles right now, so I’m using geometry cross-sprited models for explosions and smoke. It doesn’t look good enough for me, and I’m going to erase this Cull/Draw line to be able to use simple sprite particles. My only concern is FPS (there are things to be optimized in the game yet, but I still worry).

Happy to help a little. I haven’t tested it on other systems, but it runs at locked 60 with the Cull/Draw model off on my machine, Ryzen 5, RTX 2060.

@Simulan, thank you! That sounds good. Yeah, one more reason to get rid of Cull/Draw. Hopefully, will be done with the next release.

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Hi, all! How is it going?

New release here. As promised, particles were improved (without disabling multithreading by the way).

A new mechanic added - it’s time to unveil the main game goal. So, there is a map with evenly distributed places of interest on it. The goal is to visit at least 8 of 10 places (only 4 implemented yet) to find info about how to survive the Stench. In every place you’ll have to make a tough decision, which has consequences. You’ll also learn more about the game world and crew in process.

Thus, the main idea is to find an optimal way through the world, considering outings, fights, cities and the Stench spreading.

Also I’ve added one more locomotive upgrade - machine gun, and new enemy class. Some GUI, atmosphere and sound improvements were done. The full list of changes can be seen in the repo:

There you can download the playable build.

I think this release will be the last alpha, as most of the base things are implemented. The game is not big, not AAA, still, it’s time to fix the first episode. I have ideas for a continuation, will see if a team can be built to work on the game further or something.


Hi, all! Hopes you’re doing okay.

The very first Forward Only beta released is just posted! All the main mechanics are now implemented, more visual and sound effects added, scenario is written in about 60% and etc.

To this step the first game trailer was just posted. Nothing really special, it’s done on the game’s level.

Plus to this, I’ve create a Discord server to, you know, write most of the news only in one place. You’re welcome!

The full list of changes and a playable build can be found in the game repo:

So, the most difficult part of the 1st episode development is finished, but there are still a lot of things to do, and beta is mostly a milestone on a long way.


Hi, all!

The “Indie of the year” competition started on IndieDB! Give your voice to help the game. No sign up required, just open the page and press the “Vote Now” button.

And we’ll talk soon, as I’m preparing a New Year release :wink:

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