Forward Only: strategic rogue-like game

Hi, everyone!

I’d like to present my pride and joy - the game I’m lonely developing on Panda3D for the last several months. Here is an alpha footage video for a start:

About the game, shortly:

You have a locomotive and a small company of characters, each of which have class, gender and traits - all of it gives tactical advantages/disadvantages in different situations. During play characters are building relations with each other, increasing cohesion - factor which makes them stronger together and which opens powerful team skills.

While travelling the World you’ll have to stop for outings - text events, on which you must send your units. According to their classes, condition (health and energy) and cohesion, you’re getting or losing resources (5 different finals for every outing script).

From time to time you’re able to stop in a city to heal units, repair and upgrade the train, recruit new characters. There are also some game events: deteriorated rails, diseases, a cataclysm - the Stench, usable resources, etc.

And, of course, enemies! There are four classes of enemies for now, they are attacking you real-time, each time harder, and you have to manage your characters fast to deal with them.

The game development is at 50%, I believe, and there will be more things in it, as well as more balance, but I suppose I can show it to people now. The repo:

The game includes teaching pop-ups, so you’ll learn everything right during play.

I’ll be grateful for any design/gameplay/architecture comments, and I’m already very grateful to those who helped me on this website to deal with some problems during development. Thanks!


Hi! Congratulations, the quality seems already high! A thing that you may improve is the camera: I think that adding inertia to the camera when it moves and rotates would give a better experience to the player.

Oh, thank you!
Sure, I’ll improve the camera :ok_hand: