FindAllMatches Obj vs Actor

When using findAllMatches("**/part") with and object that has multiple geoms, it works fine.

When using it with a multi geom Actor, nothing happens… :question:

Does the code change with an Actor type or something?

I had a theory that P3D would behave differently with findAllMatches depending on if the sub-object in question is actually a separate object attached to the Actor versus a separate object being exported as apart of the Actor.

I was right on my theory… When I called findAllMatches on an object that was loaded separately and attached to an Actor, that object was returned. However….

When I tried to find the same object that was exported as apart of the Actor…it did not exists.

That’s understandable if the Actor had a call like flattenStrong() against it (which you wouldn’t do with Actors); you would think every geom that makes up the Actor (exported as apart of it) could be accessed on the sub-level, but it’s like P3D only sees all geoms as one when trying to access them separately through findAllMatches.

Hell… The only thing that gets returned is the model root.


This changes things for me now. What I was going to do, which would have been very little work, will have to be forfeited for the previous idea, which requires more work.


“Gohd!” Why must the Panda’s claws be so sharp? :frowning:


[actor class kills animated geoms, egg-optchar doesn't care)