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Oh sorry, now I saw the topic!


there already is ‘nurbs-support’ which is obviously not in heavy use - maybe a node performing subdivision (or just applying a shader) on its children (e.g. Catmull-Clark) would have a similar smooth look with much better usability/less needed documentation…


-I wish makepanda could write its output to a log file.
I bet this is doable within Python way better than depending and using the Unix command ‘tee’.

  • It has a verbose mode, but no quiet mode.

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    Maybe also some news from the forums and some for outsiders (public) like all the people working on projects where Panda is involved - I mean artists usually don’t read forums of game engines, but they would read general, not-so-geeky news.
    General 3d game design articles or links to some nice ones?
    Mybe also game reviews with infos about the used techniques and how easy it is to get those in Panda (bloom filter, instancing).

Problem with that: it needs writers :-/

Link collection:

How about a collection of useful, category- and task-related links? I see a link to Nvidia’s GPU Gems there or to Blendernation.

Problem: it also needs contributors and a moderator


Hm. I think that logging is not really up to the build system. You can easily log it by using tee, as you said.
On the other hand, maybe its useful to have a verbose log but quiet output.

What would be the point of making it quieter than it already is by default?

Already exists: blog.panda3d.org/?feed=rss2

Already exists:
panda3d.org/manual/index.php/M … _Resources


tee is only available on unix and unix-like OSes, isn’t it? what about windows users? also tee filters all the colors.

sometimes it might be better to see less verbose output, but only warnings and errors. but yeah, this is indeed very optional

how about adding this to the blog’s head?:

<link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="Panda3D Developer Blog" href="http://blog.panda3d.org/?feed=rss2" />

thanks. totally forgot about that


I don’t know if anyone had mentioned it yet but the ability for out of the box full screen support via toggle ?


Gogg and I recently checked in support for that. Will be in the upcoming 1.7.0 release.


it’s a bit late, but to log into a file instead of the command line you can use:

sys.stdout = sys.stderr = open("logfile.txt", "a")


Not really a feature, its a convention more.
When some feature is implemented fully, make example of it.
Or at least on release, there are tons of new things to do and i almost have no idea how to do them…

It would be even cooler to get it as “online” demo with browser plugin and source view.


It takes more time and effort to create a good-looking demo for a feature than to create the feature itself.


Yeah, i know that, but it would be nice to update manual at least, i dont want to badmouth or anything, i am very glad because i am aware how much time development can take…
BUT what is point of new features if i(we?) dont know how to use them…


For the record, most of the features in 1.7.0 are actually documented, either by updating the sample programs and/or updating the manual.


auto-generated texture-coordinates for HeightfieldTesselator terrains would be cool. in https://discourse.panda3d.org/viewtopic.php?t=8393 you can actually see how it can be done but if it would be done automatically when generating the terrain node it would be easier to use.


I don’t believe there is a way to just pass a matrix to a shader (and there should be), but my main request is uniform arrays. They are used in this example: http.developer.nvidia.com/CgTuto … ter06.html
so I know CG supports them, and would be great to go with the new hardware instancing support.


I believe memecss is working on that feature. :slight_smile:


Soft shadows? I know this is just a shader thing but i think that the default shader should include something to this effect as soft shadows are a big thing in todays gaming world.

Other than that maybe a real Navmesh pathfinding (PandaAI is waypoints not navmesh even though they reference navMesh in there system.)PandaAI works well other than the Navigation system. which is so 80’s btw.


Binding directory for standard shaders, because direct/filter/*.sha it’s not handy place for py2exe which can bundle everything into main .exe except that .sha files. (Or I miss something).


panda3d.org/manual/index.php/D … _installer

That should serve you better than py2exe


I prefer py2exe, it’s very useful to budle many things into exe file.