Feature Requests.


py2exe has been, from what i have read here, very difficult to use with panda. Panda has its own tools to bundle an exe file which is also just as powerful.

Let me put it this way. It will most likely take you less time to learn panda3d system than trying to get py2exe to work.


That said, pdeploy is a young and experimental tool. At this stage, I’m not sure if the result will be as satisfactory as with py2exe/pyinstaller.


What do you think about something like Berkelium inside panda, instead of Awesomium? It’s a BSD license so it’d be more ‘safe’ for open source projects instead of the $4000 license for awesomium, plus it’s cross platform… I heard mention of someone trying to integrate it before, never heard anything after that however.


I barely know anything about C++, until I take a class on it… I am about no help at all :laughing:

Wanted to make mention of it is all :smiley:


What about replacing ODE with Bullet?

i have no idea how to go about it, but its just a suggestion


I’m curious what specific functionality you find missing from ODE that Bullet has. I haven’t used Bullet, but I find that ODE is able to do everything I need from it so far.


Couldn’t find any info that suggests ODE supports soft body physics for example. Since PhysX is a bit of a problem as a multiplatform solution, Bullet would probably be the best option if and when ODE is replaced.


Read a bit of their manual, I like that they’ve implemented a way to keep the simulation stable when using a variable time step. Maybe “replace” is the wrong idea, but they could happily live side-by-side.


Yes, I suppose they could but without divulging too much, I think the current plan didn’t include ODE in the future… :wink:

And no, this doesn’t mean you should stop using ODE, the change, IF it’s coming, is faaaar away.


I never heard of “replacing” ODE with Bullet. I have heard of “adding” Bullet, though.


i think there should be a Animation Maker, like you can control the bones of the actors and make a animation with it… and i also think there should be a face/vertices remover, like you can click on a part of the model, then delete it (this isn’t deleting nodes, its deleting its meshes etc.) panda3d would be pwn if it had these stuff :smiley:

and also like a few posts above… Panda3D games playable on WII and XBOX360 AND PS3 etc.


How about this? -currently you can have default model extension in your prc file. So you can load a file like this:


you can see there isnt an extension set.

I suggest another way: not have a default model extension, but allow any format supported by Panda to be loaded without typing the extension. The only problem then is if we have 2 files with the same name but different formats. This can be easily avoided by having a ‘priority’ of the 3d formats set in the prc file, like



So what do you think?


Another thing I never understood:
why are there models files of samples in the “models” folder, which is a default model path in the prc file, but there are samples that have their models in a subfolder? Of course the subfolders arent set as default model paths in the prc. Why arent those assets just placed in the “models” folder? In that case we would be able to load them without specifying a path.


Because they are models that belong to the samples. They generally don’t have use in other applications. If someone wants to use one of the models in the samples, then they can just copy it, but that seems like a rare situation to me anyway.


What “other applications”?


You can always load from a subfolder by specifying the relative path, e.g. loadModel(‘subfolder/model.egg’).



I know, thats not what i meant.

I know thay some models are used by Panda, like the camera model is used when in OOBE mode, but there are also models like the Panda and Environment in the ‘models’ folder. I just dont get why all of the sample models cant be placed in that folder so you wont have to specify their folder. This would greatly help in posting code snippets. Ive also used the panda and environment models in my snippets, but there are cooler models I could use in my example code. I could just move them to that folder for myself, but the code wouldnt find the models if used by others


This is about the panda forum, so im not sure if this is the right place to post this.
Anyway, syntax highlight for code snippets would be nice.


I would like to have gamepad support in panda :slight_smile:


If the “shaderGenerator” could generate shaders from a custom one AND the ones in panda, it would be more of a “generator”. Right now we ‘dump’ the generated shaders (per-pixel ligths, etc) and add the contents of our own to it and then load it as a shader. If the shadergenerator would at least try to merge a custom shader with the ones it created, it would save us alot of time and allow to use the convenent functions for setting up shader effects. I know that simply merging it wouldnt work in many cases.

Right now I want to add a custom shadow shader. That means I wouldnt be able to use the shaderGenerator on everything except the character nodes.


That wouldn’t be possible. Panda 2 will probably make this sort of thing possible in a different way; as it won’t have the ShaderGenerator any more.