Feature Requests.


Level editor that can be used with .egg files as well as .x models.


I know that there has been code submitted on the forums to convert an object’s 3D coordinates to 2D screen coordinates, but I think that NodePath should have a built in method to do this.


Nope, because if you have multiple windows or buffers, the position will always be different. It’s not a NodePath-specific thing. Since it’s different per lens, it should be a method of Lens, (which is what it is now).


Oh, so I was just looking in the wrong place… Cool.


2 requests:

Box Collision solids
GLSL shader support



I mean, presumably you mean without that hack, but in the meantime you can do that.


I have a feature request:

I think Josh was working on this in past but it never made into the program. I think it would be very cool if TexGen (cubemaps, etc.) could be combined with the ShaderGenerator.


Yeah, fixing Josh’ unfinished shader generator features is a top priority on my todo list.


I’ve just reopened this offer.


Just checked in this feature.


I have feature request, I don’t know if it will be possible, but it would be great if panda could have a browser support as Unity3D has. I am think to do 3d small games with Panda, aka advergames, to do that, panda needs a browser support, otherwise I need to learn how to use Unity3D, I would like to continue with panda for all my purposes. Thx :wink:


Did you look at this thread, seven posts down in this same forum? I’ve been working diligently on adding this precise feature. If you like using Panda, then go ahead and develop your game using Panda; by the time you are done, the browser support will be ready.



Sory David for the post without seeing the entire forum, after the post I could see you are already working on it. Many thanks for the effort to bring Panda to the browser.


A local tone mapping operator and a builtin to-greyscale postprocesssing filter would be cool - for example for imitating dark adaptation.
Of course a tone mapping operator just for that would be great, too.

I’d try to implement this myself but I have no idea about writing shaders and all this implementing stuff.


I did actually plan to have such a filter in my game project, so sooner or later, if it’s not already there, I’d implement that.


I jUst about to request this feature…


OSX Tiger binary.

It’s so cool how Panda3D works on all platforms including OSX but my system is not capable of running leopard and I am having trouble compiling the source under Tiger. I hope they include an OSX Tiger Binary on the download page as well.



Give me a tiger machine and it’s done :slight_smile:

  1. Make PNMImage to respect dynamically changing model paths
  2. –no-tinydisplay option to makepanda


I’m interested in integrating amBX. I like native coding and am familiar with its SDK.

Is there a skeletal structure for native bound ‘direct’(/Python) objects? Or, maybe some documentation which describes a kind of template for adding these kind of modules.

A big win imho would be easier building of the ‘direct’ source tree. Having to use Cygwin is a bit bothersome, but nothing major.

BTW, to any of the devs of Panda3D out there; wow, what an amazing piece of work you have created! It even taught me to love Python. Thank you :slight_smile: