Feature Requests.

i agree with david. More separate things the better.

I have thought for a while that there should be a .detachFade() command on the nodes.

Such a function would detach the node but fade out the node by a default time frame that could be modified by the user.

The FadeLODnode function seems to work well for transitioning between two models. But the faded removal of a node would be very useful.

I realize that I can get this effect by changing the alpha value through a task- but it would be helpful if it was already built in to the nodepath.

That way I wouldn’t have to worry about creating and ending a separate task.

This is what I use for a detachFade:


(havent tested that line, but you get the general idea.)
It works fine for me…

If I may ask, please add baseline query of DynamicTextFont. The baseline varies for each font.
My case is, I need to stack a fixed height buttons, so I have to adjust button’s height according to the font’s line height, that’s no problem. The problem is I don’t know how much up & down button’s frame offset ratio should be. Currently I use blind me ratio, 1/4.


That sounds like a fairly simple addition. You should try adding it yourself. It might be an interesting learning experience.

I would like to add a feature request: the built-in lightmapper. I think lightmapping is really great feature, and I see many engines offer built-in lightmapping tools (see irrlicht, crystal space, leadwerks). In my opinion this feature could be very handy.
Another thing. Water is something we have a lot around us, as well as in games. It would be great to have a built-in water in Panda, what do you think?

I have a request, though I doubt it will happen:

What about some ready-to-use networking code that would allow anyone to create at least a small-scale multiplayer game?

I would really like to be able to do multiplayer, but I don’t know the first thing about programming it. This is true of a lot of people. What do you think?

Well… a couple ideas that might be nice.

1.) Floating point render buffers and texture objects

2.) Includes for shaders, being able to assign separate vertex and pixel shader files.


Separate pixel and vertex shaders is indeed a nice idea.

Something we came upon at the IRC channel:
A NodePath.writeEggFile also instead of just a writeBamFile, even if it would be just a wrapper for the EggLib…

Hi everyone
I’m a new programmer learning python and Panda3D, Just wondering if anyone knows a behaviour tree editor (just like the one bungie studios used in halo (there are some screeshoots around)) or it’s possible to be implemented in panda in the future. It’s a good choice because a designer can just use it to AI and we (programmers) can dedicate the time to something else.


Forgive my bad english

Feature request: box collision solid.

Impostors for LODing. Maybe I can help with this one?

A package for MacOSX so we can easily install it without having to compile from source (which never seems to want to work properly on osx, even with all the instructions I’ve found on how to do that).

There are already installers for windows and linux, doesn’t seem fair that Mac users are left out from the party! :slight_smile:

autoshader addon…automatic ocean shader that also applies moving waves or does that belong in the physics departmen? anyway I need an ocean/lake shader that would be cool. :slight_smile: and i say autoshader b/c maya has such feature as to add an ocean shader to a texture and for panda to automatically read this it would be nice :slight_smile:

MattL920, your request is being granted. I just finished the new OSX support of makepanda, including automatic installer binary generation.
Im just polishing it off right now.

Pro, you just made my day! I can’t wait til you finish it up so I can give it a try!

Out of curiosity, is this for version 1.5.2 or 1.5.3?

Uhm, it depends on patches that are only recently checked into CVS, so I guess it would work on both, but you’d have to apply a few patches for the former.
Since I coded everything into makepanda this will also be working for future releases.

pro-rsoft is a star!


work out problems with buffers?
(offscreen, depth,…)

@pro-rsoft: I’ll PM you right when I can access my Mac, so I can give a try to your work

There may be a few BT editors available, but none in python that i know off. I point you to aigamedev.com forums, ask around there for AI editors.