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Hey all,

I’ve been trying to learn Python, wx and Panda for the past half a year or so, and I thought it would be good practice to create something simple like a model viewer. I know Panda already ships with it’s own model viewer, but I was looking to create something a bit more complex to show how the internal structure of the egg file behaves. I’m working on other stuff too like drawing bones and so on, but I thought I would send a screenshot out and get some feedback. Is this something that could be useful to people in this community, or is the standard pviewer good enough as it is?

Let me know your thoughts.


nice looking - can you share us some more infos, i.e. what gui lib are you using (wxwidgets , qt or what) and what features are you planning to add there?
My thoughts about are that to have a better pview in python would be great cos would be easy for the community to extend and enhance to suit everyone needs so I fully endorse your project. Keep up!

That looks pretty cool. Personally I’ve always thought pview is a bit too limited so something like this would be nice to have, provided that it’s multiplatform of course :wink:

Firstly, thanks for the interest so far. :smiley: I’ve been working on the viewer whenever I can spare a few minutes here and there, and have cleaned up the code a lot over the past couple of days. I hope to release an early version soon, but I have to obtain some free icons that I can distribute with the UI first.

I’m using the wx module for the UI, so hopefully the script should be usable on all platforms that support Panda. I hope to include all the features of the original pViewer, plus support for rendering bones, maybe even setting up lights and so on for previewing pixel shaders. I haven’t thought much beyond that - keen for suggestions though! :wink:


Animation support is pretty much done. Once you load an egg which is an actor, you can select a bunch of animations to attach to it.

I’m just taking the last few bugs out in order to post a release. Can anyone suggest a file hosting site that will respect directories instead of only allowing single files?

many ppl here use to share their projects. check it out here:

i use for my stuff

I’ve returned to this project to try and kick it out the door even though I’m starting to experiment with other Panda stuff.

After going through my code in an attempt to clean it up a bit I’ve notice that I’m displaying the egg class properties in the side panel, not the node path properties . My question is - if you were a user of this tool, what would be more useful to see? The egg data classes and their values, or the node path values? I’ve currently got it reading the egg data values, but that is pretty slow for large models.

a switch to set the mode while the program is running (which to show ‘now’)would be the best i think.

Decided to make a release. Hope you enjoy :slight_smile:


Could you reupload your app?
Or maybe even upload the code to a code hoster like github, sourceforge or the like.

Sure. I’ve still got the code lying around, it’s probably a bit rusty now compared to some of the other stuff I’ve been doing. If people are keen I’ll spruce it up and repost.

Any progress for a repost?

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Sorry all, I’ve been flat out trying to finish off the current iteration of my scene editor. I can probably release what I had before, but it’s not very clean code…

It looks great to me! Release it before it disappears. Google code is good.