DirectTools not working

Panda noob alert. :slight_smile:

I just installed 1.2.2 and have been trying to get directtools to run, but the Panda window closes as soon as it appears. This has happens on 2 different computers. How can this be fixed?

What did you do to get directtools to run?

Are you a windows user and just doubleclick on ppython.exe? If yes please read this

If not what code did you use? What messages did you get?

want-directtools #t

I set this line in Config.prc, and I am attempting to run the samples that come with Panda. They simply shut down as soon as I’ve opened them. I read that direct tools are supposed to be enabled and started with hotkeys from inside any panda app after i’ve set that line.

Strange on my computer it works.

Run the example from command line and post the errors if any

Here’s the log…

I got that from running a basic script with directtools set to #t:

Anyway, new day, so I’m going to troubleshoot. Programming hates me so much, even the very basics don’t work for me :frowning:

That tells you that something with Tcl isn’t right. Did you modify something with your Tcl installation? Which Panda did you install Prebuild or a selfbuild?
I’ll go to install a 1.2.2 maybe its a mistake with the installation.
Did you vere install a Tcl?