Deferred Pipeline w/ Physically Based Shading


Thanks Tobias, thanks everyone !!!


SSLR in Panda, very nice.



When exporting lost in bam, lost effects.


Did you select BAM version 6.41 in the exporter?


Tobias !!! y suceeded, now the Render Pipeline runs, i wanted to ask you your PandaFramework how do i use it for a terrain y copy all the source to my pipeline directory? and when i do so how can i load a heightmap? Thanks



I checked the BAM version 6.41 - works



I should probably add that to the exporter section - since it may not be obvious.

I suggest waiting until the ShaderTerrainMesh gets approved. As soon as its in panda, I will make a sample how to use it with the Render Pipeline


Ok as i see you dont stop working Nice day, can i help with something in the Framework? ive already forked the repository


Well most of the code will become obsolete - so there is not much to improve in the repository. Feel free to keep testing the pipeline and report any bugs though, thats what helps me most :slight_smile:


I dont know if it was me or the fact i was new to the Render Pipeline but i remmember the source packages were some with low letters and in the directory with capital letters the code couldnt recognize the difference and thats natural since in c++ is the same. Example in the dir Code, at the source from code import Example Also but i dont know if its my fault i have loaded some heightmaps and i cannot move with the w,s,a,d keys and the object its not centered ill continue making test to be shure and not all some guess, in other tests i did the level (a room) appeared for 2 or 3 seconds and then disappeared


Also if you have some spear time soon can you modify the Roaming Ralph sample to convert the camera into a FPS ?


If you do a clean checkout, the directory issues should be resolved. Thats just because git cannot handle renamed folders (from upper to lowercase) very well.

You can only move with the W, A, S, D keys if you load the movement controller, which comes with the pipeline (Panda uses a different control system by default)- see the samples on how to setup and load it.


For those of you that cant install the BAM Exporter in Blender here is what ive done. Follow the instructions on how to clone the repository, etc once you have the source in a folder do a right click and change the properties to read and write if i remember well then copy the dir to your blender addons directory at Blender in Preferences and Addons search for bam and enable it and thats it !!!


Hey Tobias, hi, how do you animate your human models with Blender?


You should use yabee to export your animated models and animations, the load them as usual.


Hi what do you know about uv mapping? Nice day


Not sure if this is the right thread to discuss it, since its unrelated to the render pipeline.
UV Mapping is very common in 3D programming, so there are a lot of resources for that.


Update: Added a new video:

  • New (very experimental) Depth of Field plugin
  • New (very experimental) Volumetric Lighting plugin
  • Added support for camera motion paths to the movement controller


Why the right thread if you dont use it already in your Render Pipeline you can always add support for it or is it silly for me to say this?


UV Mapping is not related to the render pipeline. It is related to modelling your objects. Panda supports UV mapping by default, you generate/create the UV’s while modelling your object usually.