Deferred Pipeline w/ Physically Based Shading



How to get a sample of egg file for writing of the exporter for the rendering pipeline?

file after bam2egg.exe incorrectly displayed .


There is no need to convert to egg first, you can load the bam file directly.


I need to study the egg :slight_smile:


I am not sure if bam2egg can preserve all features though. What is displayed incorrectly?


bam2egg ignores the record of textures , except Diffuse


Get material after bam2egg, use YABEE replace material data


Just wondering, what are you doing with the egg? You can export bams directly with the bam exporter so you don’t have to convert it several times


I am writing to its export model for the blender . I need to make support render pipeline.

But I’m here for a moment to lay miutu video. Where there is a problem with the bam.




Which version of the bam exporter are you using? Also, have you selected bam version 6.41? Additionally to that, did you select all elements (i.e. press A before exporting)?


Bam exporte 1. 0. 1
Selected bam version 6.41(This can be seen on the video)
I used A to select the scene


With bam exporter version I meant the git commit, since I didn’t change the version number for a while. Have you tried to update to the latest version?


No, I’ll try.


Yes , the problem was due to the fact that the exporter has not been updated .

I still can not export a single object with the correct display . But I 'll take care of itself .

thanks for help


You’re probably tired of me ? )

I found another problem .

if you move the folder examples .

That problem arises:

Exporting object: MM0
WARNING: Cannot determine component count of MetalDiffuse.png , assuming 3
Save image copy to C:\Working\RenderPipeline\04-Lights\scene./tex/MetalDiffuse.tga
Could not extract image: Error during image export: Error: Image ‘MetalDiffuse.png.001’ does not have any image data

Accordingly, this leads not correct result .


Hm, it seems that blender cannot find the file. Have you tried the “Find missing files …” option and point it to the tex/ directory?


This problem is not critical. But she had me confused .

I have a question in the future will still have some change in egg format to render pipeline?

Just lay out my plan exporter .


What do you mean with that? If the egg format is supposed to change? If the way exporting models from blender will change? Also notice that the BAM exporter is the preferred way for exporting models.


There are difficulties due to the google translation. :frowning:
I will write sentences.

Exports from the blender is not a problem.

I’m writing a plugin export models from Blender

You have added new material properties in egg

baser { 0.800000011920929 }
baseg { 0.800000011920929 }
baseb { 0.800000011920929 }
emitr { 0 }
emitg { 0 }
emitb { 0 }
emita { 0 }
roughness { 0.300000011920929 }
metallic { 0 }
ior { 1.5 }
local { 0 }

Now I will take this into account when writing the exporter :slight_smile:
I just tried to find changes in the egg :slight_smile:


There is already YABEE and the bam exporter, or are you writing a new exporter?


Yes, and support in the render pipeline priorities .

Thanks to your work, I went back to study again Panda3D.