Constant speed Path Follow

Hello again,

I’m trying to do a path follow with constant speed. Reading excellent tutorial:

From post of Srinavin Nair* I get v = u + F/m*t, if so do I get a constant speed by simply choosing high force and low mass? Does turning reduce speed? Is the max speed in what units [m/s, pixels/s]?
*[url]AI Libraries for Panda3D]

Is this a method you would recommend for actor to follow predefined path with constant speed? It would be great to be able to change the speed on the fly.

Also it seem that 5th parameter (speed cap) is not pure speed cap, as changing 3rd parameter will make the actor travel faster without changing the speed cap?!?

OK: AICharacter (string model_name, NodePath model_np, double mass, double movt_force, double max_force)
, but what is max_force then.


Well, it was quite easy just to do manually using Sequence and task.