Changing the looks of the shadow caster

is there a way to change the looks of the light shadow caster?

what i want exactly is to be able to change the color, maybe make it semi-transparent, and add some anti-aliasing to it because it looks kinda pixelated

^^ what i mean regarding how it looks pixelated

if i can’t do any of this, is there some sort of custom OGL shader i could use instead?

For these purposes, there is AmbientLight, through its setting, you can influence the color of the shadow.

By the pixelated shadows, I think you need to enlarge the shadow map.

light.setShadowCaster(True, 2048, 2048)

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alright, thanks!

Also, you should fine-tune the frustum of the light so that it encapsulates only the objects that cast shadow, to make better use of the real estate of the shadow map.

See this sample for more details:

The sample also includes a GLSL shader (which is not required) in case you do want to create a custom shadowing shader.