Castle Adventure 3D

Hi! I am making a 3D game called Castle Adventure 3D. It is based on the incomplete 2D game I made with PyGame. The 2D version code is the following:
The Treasure (126.7 KB)


Everybody, I know I have kept you waiting, but don’t worry. The confirmed release date will be by the end of Summer. Thanks for waiting!

Hello Again! Now that I see almost 100 people are interested in this little project I am making, I think it is time to reveal a few details and features of the game. You might already have figured out using the PyGame version. But there were a few more things I will add.

Game Features (Spoiler)
  • Obtain keys from chests to unlock doors
  • Battle monsters that guard the key
  • Collect items like swords along the way to aid you in battle
  • Battle the ultimate dragon who guards the legendary golden sword, which you are questing for
  • And much more!

Note: The features above will NOT be there in the first version, neither will all the rooms. The game will get updated a step at a time.

@panda3dmastercoder, hi!
I can create map and more models for you project.

Hi all! Now that I think of it, the game might release before the end of summer.

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Everybody, this is the pre-alpha version of my game. It will teach you some basic game play. Don’t criticize me as it isn’t very advanced now. It isn’t even the first version. It is like version 0.01 or something.

Castle Adventure (2.1 MB)


  1. Run on the terminal: python
  2. Enjoy!

Instructions for building apps:

  1. Run on the terminal: python build_apps
  2. Wait for the process to be complete (It doesn't have win32 in the settings so if you use win32, you have to manually add it in
  3. Once it is complete, go to the build folder created in the directory.
  4. Then, enter the folder which has your platform's name. Then double click on "Castle_Adventure_3D.exe"
  5. Enjoy!

How to play:

  • wasd: move around
  • left arrow, right arrow: look around
  • click: If you click on the monster, then it will decrease the monster's hp by one.

Hi! Add the sky to game :, 1, 1, 1))
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Does anyone have any suggestions before the stable release?

Too primitive.

Sorry for the long wait, but now my project is on GitHub. You can keep on checking for new updates.

By the way, you may want to specify a license that applies to your code and/or assets, since you have them publicly posted. I seem to recall that GitHub has some help-pages that describe the process, but I think that it was pretty simple. They even link to pages that can help one to pick out an appropriate license, if I recall correctly!

OK! Thanks for telling! All I should do is create, right?

Honestly, I don’t remember offhand. I’d say to check the GitHub help for instructions on that!

OK. I did. Now you can see there is a

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Hmm… I’m not sure that what you have there constitutes a proper license. (But I am not a lawyer, so perhaps it does.) Did you look through the licenses suggested by GitHub?

I have completed the repository so now all the textures are there. (Previously they weren’t)

doesn’t a lack of license mean that the author possesses exclusive copyright to his/her work?

I think that, short of relinquishing it, the author has copyright by default. (At least in some countries; I don’t know about all.)

However, there may be some elements that are included in a license that may provide additional protection. (Things like exclusion of warranties or liabilities, etc.)

On top of which, having a license clarifies how a work may be legally used, which seems to me to be useful for something that’s posted publicly.

However, I am not a lawyer, and so I don’t claim to know how accurate these impressions are.