Best Collision Solid

Hello! Can anyone tell me what collision solid am I supposed to use for this model?:
room.bam (8.6 KB)
I don’t want the player to collide with any walls, but want it to enter through the miniature door kind of thing.

P.S.: This topic is related to creating the following game:

To some degree the answer depends on your intended gameplay: if nothing is ever expected to collide above floor-height–if there won’t be gunshots hitting the walls, or balls bouncing from them, or the player climbing up them–that is, if all collision happens on a flat, horizontal plane, then CollisionTubes might be a good choice: they’re simple, and the fact that they have volume makes them relatively reliable.

For more complex gameplay:

Well, it’s a very simple structure, so it could still be represented via collision primitives: several CollisionBoxes, perhaps.

However, if the structure becomes more complex, it might become better to represent the room via CollisionPolygons–more specifically, via a separate collision-mesh designed in your modelling program alongside the visible geometry. This allows for a relatively-complex representation of the model. (But don’t overcomplicate your collision geometry!)

I think CollisionTubes will work. I will try and see. Thanks!

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For the record, the CollisionTube class is called CollisionCapsule nowadays. The new name better describes the shape.

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I know. That is what I am using.