Can Panda3D be used to create a professional-quality game?

The question subject says it all. Can Panda3D be used to make a high quality game, like Unity3D. Most of the examples on YouTube look pretty bad, so I am just wandering…


Yes, I very much believe so.

I take it from your mention of appearance that graphics are a major concern for you in determining whether a game is of “professional quality”, so take a look at these threads in the “Showcase” sub-forum:
Terrain rendering
Deferred rendering
Now, in all fairness, those involved a fair bit of work on the part of the developer in question, I believe, but were still made in Panda to the best of my knowledge.

(I think that there have been a few games released commercially that were made using Panda, but aside from Signal Ops (which has a thread in the “Showcase” sub-forum), I’m having trouble finding independant verification.)

Wow. Those images in the two threads look amazing. Thanks!
I was wandering, does the visual quality depend on the quality of the 3D modelling or the game engine?

In my opinion the (visual) quality of a game more depends on the artists and coders. A good artist can make a bad engine look good, and a bad artist can make a good engine look bad.

I would say the quality of your game only depends on the game engine to a small part, and more on the modelling / artist skills. Panda gives you everything you need to make a good game, you just need good artists, too.

Thanks for the reply, and great job on the Terrain Showcase. It looks amazing!

Think of Panda3D as a (good) tool. What will be done with it is up to you.