c++ or python?

Talking about performance, what is the best to program, c++ or python?

Strictly, the answer to that question is C++: in general, code written in C++ runs faster than equivalent code written in Python.

But in practice, a Panda3D application written in C++ is not likely to exhibit any better performance than an equivalent application written in Python, because most of the performance-intensive work is already handled by Panda. The high-level language has little impact on the application’s frame rate.

Usually, you should choose a language based on factors other than raw performance, such as your own development time, and your plans for distribution.

This sort of question comes up often, and has been discussed repeatedly in other threads.


Also you can use both in one game.
Hm, this question pops up quite frequently, we should have a FAQ page or something…

Thanks, if the language doesnt make much difference in this case, then i will keep coding in python, because i think its easier… but im still learning the basics of python…

See here for more discussion:


C++ is ignored as a keyword by the search function, either because it’s 3 letter long or because it strips the plus symbols so it’s normal people wouldn’t find it. I agree maybe we should have some discussion of this on the manual. (And maybe we should change the search to google search also).

But the sensible answer is always to go python unless you have a lot of previous experience with C++, and even in that case, it depends of your needs.

Yeah a FAQ page in the manual could work. But I have no idea how you would structure it properly.
And I don’t like the current search also.

you guys are not, by any chance, talking about the THIS do you?

can be foudn on the very bottom of the manual