Building a Distributable and Egg2Bam

I’m currently working on building a distributable version of a project, and I find myself at an uncertainty:

Under normal conditions, I could just run the build-script and my egg-files would be automatically converted to bam-files, I believe.

However, in this case most of my egg-files are sequestered within a multifile, and (naturally) the build-script doesn’t get to them.

So, I want to pre-process my “eggs” into “bams” in a custom script, prior to adding them to the multifile–which brings me to some uncertainties:

First, I don’t know with what flags “egg2bam” is run during a build. (And a quick search of the forum and the GitHub repository didn’t turn up anything clear to me.)

I presume that whatever options are used are wise choices for the general case, and so would like to use the same.

And second, looking at the documentation, I see that there’s mention that I might have to do something specific with my textures in order to get it to work, and I’m hoping to see the equivalent code in order to determine quite what I should do.

Does anyone know whether to look for answers to these matters?