Inserting a Step Into the Building of a Distributable

When generating a distributable build of a program, is there a way to insert a custom step–a Python script, or a set of OS-commands, perhaps–between the population of the “build” directory and the packaging of its contents into the “dist” directory?

To explain:

As mentioned in this thread, I have a situation in which some of my egg-files are unavailable to the build-process for conversion into bam-files, due to being located in a multifile.

My thought there was to perform the conversion myself when creating the multifile–but it has occurred to me that there’s another way:

I could eschew creating the multifile as a pre-processing step, and instead have it as part of the build process. This would allow the build-system to convert my egg-files into bam-files as per usual (as they would not yet be within the multifile), after which I could then package the converted directory into the multifile.

However, I would want this to happen before the distributable zip-file is made from the contents of the “build” directory.

Is that feasible, and if so, how might it be done?

This would make for a great feature request!

I will take that to mean that it’s not currently feasible! :stuck_out_tongue:

Which is fair enough! I have thus created such a feature request on the GitHub “issue” page, which should be found at the link below. :slight_smile: