Book for learning


I’m looking for a book to learn how to use panda3d, already saw some tutorials, but I need more references, so a book should be a good idea, but the question is any one knows a good book to recommend? I saw this one on amazon does any one recommend this one or another?

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It’s good. I have learned panda3d using this book. But it’s a bit outdated. The latest panda3d version was 1.9.x at the time I have read this book. Most of the examples still works even in panda3d 1.10.x
This book basically a collection of solutions for some popular problems. But you can still read this as a regular book from beginning to the end, so you could understand how you can use panda3d. However, this book doesn’t teach you python, general game development related things and pipelines.

If you don’t need a print version of a book, I’d also recommend you take a look at my books which are hosted on github. I also update them occasionally.

Aside of that, you may be interested in this page of the manual: