Best way for generate planete

Hello, isearch many time solution for generate planete in panda3d
i found first solution in this

but i have 2 problems with this solution :

  1. the center of planete have not circle form
  2. i load only 2 terrain for generate planet, it’s too little if i want to generate very big planet i must load 50 little terrain, not 2 bigger terrain

I can’t develop the latest solution proposed by rdb based on a mercator system
But i think i found other solution, i can generate many triangle for generate sphere like this

  1. What do you think of this solution? would you have done better?
  2. If no, I’m looking for a mathematical formula that would allow me to position my triangle (x,y,z) and rotation to form a sphere
    positioning them manually does not seem to me a good solution :scream: