Autotiling mesh with pathfinding

Hi all.

So here’s an autotiling mesh with pathfinding.
(Unzip, run, follow instructions on screen)


There are two things in this demo :

  • the grid based map editing with auto tiling function : given two textures, the editor makes all needed transition tiles, and takes care of placing the matching tiles when you draw.
  • the pathfinding, a simple implementation of the A* algorithm.

I wasn’t sure where to post this : it works, but i’m still looking for ways to speed things up. A lot of the code used in this demo comes from other snippets that can be found on this very forum, among which :

There’s certainly a lot of room for improvement, all suggestions are welcome.

To increase the search speed between two nodes use the algorithm Djikstra.

He finds the shortest path from one to all adjacent nodes …

I’ve implemented this in a game in Java, is a little tricky but nothing impossible…

Good Work… :wink: