Android Support?

Just wondering if there were any projects out there for supporting google phones… With the Iphone support coming along…

Feel free to rewrite Panda3D in Java.

Actually, Android has a ‘native’ sdk now, which is c++, so it is theoretically possible. No idea what kind of 3D acceleration is available however, and nobody is working on it as far as I know, so unless someone decides to make that port its not happening.

Hm, if Android has a working C++ toolchain, and OpenGL ES (1/2) support, it should be possible to compile Panda for Android.


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since panda itself is written in c/c++ jython wont help at this point.

Python on android :smiley::
Android Scripting Environment (ASE)

android does have a native development kit, with some openGL ES exampels in it…

Also you can compile python on android as mentioned above (though you have to change the makefile, but the ASE group provides one setup to build it with a the toolchain…)

All in all I think it is possible, but I’m going to admit I’m no man up for the task, sounds rough :smiley:

I’ve looked into porting Panda to the Android, I just haven’t found any time to actually do it.

Any chance you could put up some information/thoughts? I’ve done some android ndk work before. I’d love to help.

Just a note for anyone who does decide to port it (I have an android phone myself, so the thought had crossed my mind, but time is always an issue.) - there is a fully functional open source project called ‘pygame subset for android’ - - I’ll leave you to guess what it does;-) But I would imagine that its code would be very useful for figuring out how to do a conversion, as it has to do a lot of the same things.

getting panda3d to port over to the phones would be ideal as small time game developers could be making some pocket change :slight_smile:
windows 8 phone is coming soon, which has c++ and x86 along with the shared windows 8 kernel, so that looks like a more simple to port, if not straight forward-- assuming the desktop and phone are really going to be that similar.
i read that it’s possible for ios, but i’m going to have to do some more digging on that… but i suppose that leaves out android, which may or may not be the most popular phone gaming platform, so i’d like to see this idea catch on as it would help set panda3d farther apart from other engines/sdk’s out there and possible make people here some rev :slight_smile:

I definitely would contribute to this, also financially. If I knew this project will lead to a working panda3d on android I would also put around 50$ or 100$

same here!

In the meantime, Panda has already been partially ported to Android. Further discussion about Panda on Android should go here:
[Android Bounty)