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Would you be willing to contribute financially to help make a Android port of Panda3D?

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Hey everyone. I know it’s been a while since I’ve been active of these boards. That’s life I guess.

I’ve noticed the conversation about porting Panda to the Android platform.
[Android Support?)

I think is an important step in the future of the Panda platform as Android gains more marketshare in phones and tablets. The problem is that few of us have the skills to actually port the thing to Android.

rdb has said that time has been a big issue. I completely understand that. Life is busy. I was thinking though that the rest of us that don’t have the skills to make the port that we could donate funds and make a bounty for the port to help make the effort more worthwhile. I could donate like 50 USD and I think there are others on the board that would want the program on Android enough to contribute aswell.

What does everyone think?

everyone scratches their own itch i guess. it’be really nice to have, but right now i have no resources to waste.

I’d be happy to contribute some money to that pot, though I don’t know how many contributions it would take before we got the attention of someone with the time and expertise required to do the task.

Also, there’s the question of ongoing support. I’d hate for someone to do a half-hearted implementation, collect the bounty, and then disappear. That’s better than nothing, but not much. It’s much better if someone who is genuinely excited about the project itself (not just collecting a bounty) does the implementation, and then sticks around to maintain it afterwards.

Of course, I don’t mean to say that we shouldn’t provide a financial reward for an enthusiastic developer. But the money itself won’t create true enthusiasm.


I’m excited about the concept of porting Panda to Android. I’ve already looked into it a little bit, and I’d be happy to provide guidance to anyone who implements it. (Though I probably won’t be able to do it myself, as I don’t own an Android phone.)

I agree with David that it will need to be done by someone who is willing to stick around and maintain the port, which would mean regularly spend time to use the port and make sure it still works. It sounds trivial and unimportant, but it’s not.

Depending on amount of bounty money, someone could buy himself an android phone to work on integration :slight_smile:

Hi guys,

I’ve been working with Panda source code last month to integrate it inside another toolkit named Kivy. My project now require panda running on Android.
I’ve some experience with crossplatform compilation, and need to get running panda 3D on android.

My project is also in Python / OpenGL ES2, and currently running on android without panda.

@rdb: if you know anybody that already started the port, can you sync us ? to prevent to do the same job twice, and help each other. I think i can put 2 full weeks for making it working. Maybe more.

hey, that Kivy project looks great. I am planning to buy a HP touchsmart all-in-one computer, and I was looking for some sdk that will enable simple development of touch-enabled interfaces for it.
Having panda3d integrated there would be AWESOME, in capital letters.

And also, contributing to a 300 usd fund to buy rdb an Android phone doesn’t sound like a bad idea either, if that leads to android support :wink:

Android support would be more then great! I think it should be easier then you’d think.

Just lemme think…

Do you think it’s possible to simply recompile Panda3D in Airplay SDK? There is python on android already… Just making a demo viewer app, you know one that’d execute a small script…

Hmm… I don’t know right now. But seriously what could be so hard on it… hmm

Oh there we go that’s how time wasting brains do it:

Interesting, huh?

I would like a full support for iOS before android.

Considering Apple’s mood swings Android would make a better target :stuck_out_tongue:

Plus it’s much more expensive to develop for iPhone.

Disclaimer: i own several android devices and they suck badly. I also own many idevices and they rock. So my view might be skewed.

But there is more i devices (Pods, Pads, Phones) then there is Android at the moment. But they key thing is that Apple customers pay for their stuff. Android people do not, I have yet to buy any program for my phone.

I think apple stopped chaining their mood for now.

you probably missed the Gartner predictions for what os percentages will be in 2015, at least for smartphones.
Android 50%
Win 7 <20
iOS <15

Look it up yourself… they are spot on most of the time :slight_smile:

I think the great iPhone vs Android debate is an long one.

Many many people have different opinions on it, in the end I’m going to say panda will need to support both.

I think in the end we only need to be finding the developers that are willing to put forth the time to develop towards either platform.

Someone with no great knowledge in cross-compiling may come on here and have a mac and he may want to try and help ease the build process of panda for the iPhone, that’s great.

Someone may also come on here with more knowledge in cross-compiling and might only have linux and might want to compile for Android.

Both are long tedious processes IMO, instead of arguing over what will be built first though, let’s just say we’re building both of them as people contribute.

In the end I just think arguing over an “Which one is better, iPhone or Android?” debate may be useless.


Ok, small update, there is potential chance that some client would pay for porting of panda to ios and android. Basically i am asking what is our target bounty amount?

Seems to me a great investiment. Cell phone´s market are growing and a lot of people have making some money with it. I guess the investiment pay itself quickly. And there´s nothing wrong in community give sometimes finantial support to project to upgrate it. Blender foundation, Wikipedia and others do this.

Very interesting, with android support we would have a good way to monetize our games through several app stores as google android market, amazom and others.

Surfing the web searching a way to use Python to make games for android I discovered this: wich is called Pygame Subset for Android that seems a way to port Pygame/Python games into android devices, the other is that permits with one c++ code to build apps for different devices, maybe the same concepts should apply for a Panda port. Anyway I hope the day when we’ll be able to run Panda games in android or iOS.

So how did this go? Been long since I posted here, and the framework I made with Panda3D called Eden is still active. An academy is coming up in Nairobi for 3D game development based on that.

Anyway, I’d also be willing to contribute both skill and money for this project. I’m sure Panda can be ported to Android with the NDK and stuff. Anyone working on it?

hi there,
back again after some time.
I would be really interested in this issue, too. Are there any plans/ “roadmap” to offer something regarding mobile development?

Still waiting for someone to offer to do the work. Do you know anyone interested?