a little flight game

Hi everyone,

I wanted to show you this game I made during the last months.

You can download it from http://island51.l2si.de/game.zip
(last update 28.06.2009)

The readme file describes it quite well, so here is a copy of it’s content:

And some screenshoots:

Models aren’t that great and i realy suck at textures, but it’s enough for this little test.

I highly appreciate any form of fair comment, hints, notes etc…

Have fun playing

Awesome, I like it very much.
There’s an issue which makes the game contain really weird white planes and a white sky. Both sky.egg and cloud.egg contain absolute paths: “/d/Python/media/sky1.png” and “/d/Python/media/smoke-small.png”. I had to make both relative paths to make the game playable.
smoke-small.png was missing, so I had to change it to smoke.png.

The clouds and particles have transparency issues - consider different transparency modes, like MDual.

The tower is really hard to find. You should consider making a visible marker showing you its direction - or some kind of radar or so.

Also, consider changing the pitch instead of the volume of the engine sound by using setPlayRate instead of setVolume.

:blush: stupid mistake…

I fixed that and uploaded a new version.

Guess I have to work on this one

Done. Sounds better, thanks

Thought about that, too.
Some targeting mechanism… Could also give you information about the distance to your target, so you know if you are close enough to fire.
Maybe in a later release.

Thanks for your comments

really nice littl game ,fun to play.
had to switch to openal under linux to get reasonable sound.(thought thats less an issue with the game itself)
mouse-movement is still a bit shuttering and not-so-smooth.

overall. really nice :slight_smile: keep working on it.

That’s X11’s fault, for rounding the pixel position to integer when sending it to the app.

I fixed it by disabling sync-video here - that made the mouse smooth again. Also I had to make sure my window was in the exact center of my screen, to make the subpixel component zero.

nearly exactly my idea for azure (see my signature)

…planes flying around on empty sky with some levitating stuff :smiley:

i will definitively take a look at your code. is there a license in the zip file? (i’m not at home ATM)


I took a look at your website, I’m also inspired by “Project Nomads”, my ultimate goal is to make an (m)MORPG in a Steampunk world.

But thats a lot of work as everyone knows and my team is not that big and they have not sooo much sparetime.

Licence is in every source file header.

Maybe we should have a little chat :wink:

Ill send you my icq# via PM

Excellent !

Some suggestions:

  1. add explosion sound effect when the ship hit the rocks
  2. add fog effect … sometimes I find it hard to determine the rocks is far away or very close, may be fog effect can help.
  3. add a night mission, with the light come from the ship
  4. have a smoothen ship model
  5. position the billboard cloud cleverly so that the rocks will not cut in the middle.

btw, how to restart the game without exit ?

about your suggestions:

  1. Actually there is one:), but not very loud if you are far away.

  2. Good idea, but that will make problems with the normal mapping shader as far is i know.

  3. nice idea

  4. or even better “get a real ship model” :blush:

  5. The whole environment is placed on random

  6. “btw, how to restart the game without exit ?”
    aaaahhmmmm, ok I admit I’m lazy :slight_smile:

If I have more spare time, I may add some xtras to the game.
Right now i started a new one togather with Nemesis#13 :slight_smile:

Thanks for your replie,
more are still welcome.

I tested, nice game, i did not check the source code but seems to be that you parented the camera to the plane and you move the camera isn´t ?

Is well optimized, maybe if i pass you my spaceship model you can do interesting with it, if you want of course… :slight_smile::smiley:


PD. Try to work a bit more in textures, for example, you can get easyly a bit reallistic textures by editing them in gimp or photoshop, satureless and contrast up, 30% at least no more, and picking some alpha brush… you will get a great effect… :wink:

I worked in the textures, just for give an idea to you…

Continue your work…

Probably you have to write a normal map shader with fog support…or use a post-processing fog filter

Thanks again for your replies,

@digimikeh: yes you are right, the camera is parented to the plane.

@clcheung: yes, that’s what I tought, too. Did a Fog shader once in GLSL for the irrlicht engine. But I need to know CG better first.

I added a better plane now, made by Nemesis#13 (thank you!!)

looks like this:

Nice plane model, i´m not sure, but seems to be that plane is 180º inverted in X axis… ? is going to go backward… or i was mistaken…

Anyway very funny and i can feel the feeling of the softness of a plane…

do you want to add multiplayer to your game?, could be original.

PD. Is just me? or at the beginning is very slow, but when you accelerate with mouse wheel the fps increase very well?

Actually, I believe this is an aircraft configuration known as the pusher configuration.

i see, i see… i was not knowledge about them…
but just make aleirons rotate or rotate the front turbine

xboxjoshone is right, it’s a pusher configuration.

I’ll add rotating engines to my 2do list.

Happens for me, too. I guess its the large number of particles which are on screen, when the plane is not moveing.

I planed to manipulate the particle effect’s birth rate depending on speed. But I didn’t find out how to change particle effect parameters during run time yet.
Need to read a little bit more in the manual…

Good stuff. Good artwork, constant 60fps at max quality. Good clouds.

  • airplane with propellers emitting smoke doesnt make sense :slight_smile:
  • the propellers should rotate
  • the particles emitted by the rockets should be decreased in numbers imho
  • the towers are indeed hard to find

brandamante had good points, you can try too to set lens… to get a perspective…

i guess you are a blender user, you will understand me if you downgrade the camera’s lens value from 35 to 17…

you’r game is pretty cool…

Very cool game dude… Saying it from looking at the screen shot. I will try it when i am home from work. Also i like how user are giving their input. I am looking at doing a flight sim so this might help me :slight_smile: thanks.

Nice work! It will help with my project…but…when trying to run your game I got this:

0: 800  x 600
1: 1024 x 768
2: 1152 x 864
3: 1280 x 960
4: 1440 x 900 (w)
5: 1680 x 1050 (w)
Please choose a screen resolution: 0
fullscreen? (t/f): f
want AA? (t/f): t
Warning: DirectNotify: category 'Interval' already exists
DirectStart: Starting the game.
Known pipe types:
(all display modules loaded.)
:display:windisplay(warning): SetForegroundWindow() failed!
:display:wdxdisplay9(warning): SetForegroundWindow() failed!
:display:gsg:dxgsg9(warning): Available video memory 59768832 is below the minimum requirement of 64000000
:util(warning): Adjusting global clock's real time by 1.14441e-005 seconds.
loading environment
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "start.py", line 43, in <module>
  File "C:\downloads\game\game\src\Game.py", line 59, in __init__
  File "C:\downloads\game\game\src\Player.py", line 70, in __init__
  File "C:\downloads\game\game\src\Player.py", line 106, in loadModel
  File "C:\Panda3D-1.5.4\direct\src\particles\ParticleEffect.py", line 197, in loadConfig
    data = vfs.readFile(filename, 1)
TypeError: VirtualFileSystem.readFile() argument 1 must be Filename, not str
Exception exceptions.AttributeError: "'Player' object has no attribute 'moveTask'" in <bound method Player.__del__ of <src.Player.Player object at 0x03541310>> ignored

**** End of process output ****