a little flight game

That looks like you need to upgrade to Panda 1.6.2, or, in particleEffect.py line 197, change ‘filename’ to Filename(filename) .

Thanks again for your replies!

I made the following changes:

  • changed some lense factors. Looks better now, I think. Thanks to digimikeh for the hint
  • reduced the amount of particles for missiles
  • when pressing esc, you now find a main menu, which lets you quit the game and set graphics options.

glad you got better perspective, and very nice menu…
easely your game can be figured like a flight simulator…

Thank you. This helped me a lot. I wish I had discovered it sooner.

It has all I’ve wanted to see in a single program: Overall flow of a game from initial setup to playing with player/enemy/projectile management, particles, collisions, and basic gameplay mechanics… All expressed in the Panda context.

In my opinion, Panda is short on examples like this. There are tons of great snippets of code out there for achieving singular events in Panda, but I found myself a bit lost when it came grokking the bigger picture.

Sure, things like collision detection and enemy management are going to be highly specific to the type of game you do, but it’s nice to have working examples that I can examine. I’m not making a flying game, but I plan to utilizing the same basic components such as projectiles and particles in my game, so it’s educational to see how one might implement such systems in a unified Panda project.

So once again, thanks for this.

Thanks, I’m very happy to hear that. :smiley:

I installed panda 3d today and I am very impressed by your game… keep working on it!

A targeting system would be verrryyy nice. Even a very simple one that shows the direction and distance of the nearest tower would improve gameplay a lot.

Also, maybe add some sort of delay on the missiles?

have you abandoned this game? it would be a shame…

you were also talking about a new project together with Nemesis, did you guys started/finished that one? care to share?


I. Sorry for my late response, but I have been out of the country.
II. Thank you for your interest.

Well I wouldn’t call this project “abandoned”, actually I’d call it “finished” :slight_smile:

It’s purpose was not to make any fancy flight game, it was just a small private project to get used to panda3D and to explore panda’s capabilities.
Btw. from this point of view, the project was a real success.
I really fell for panda3D and will use it in future projects :wink:

But right now I’m a little short on time (and even more short on money…).

Currently I’m working on a 2d project (using pyglet and rabbyt), together with a friend, who has, like me, been working for commercial games.
If this project will succeed (or my current time/money situation gets solved in any other way) I’ll definitely come back to 3D again.

But right now, I unfortunately do not have time/money for 3D projects

About the sharing:
The source of this game is for all of the pandas out there :slight_smile:

I hope I’ll be able to open a new thread in the “showcase” section in the near future.