A little color wheel GuiWidget

Here’s my first little contribution back to a Panda community:
For those of you who are building your own gui-kits, you may find
this color-wheel picker to be useful.


To move the picker around, right click and hold the frame.
Calling the guiobject with larger framesizes will give a finer resolution, at
the expensive of more processing cost.

Thanks snafudog for sharing! This sure is useful for my player-customization system!

do I have to login to download…thats unfortunate.

anyway thx for sharing,- once I’m able to get it that is :slight_smile:)…i’ve looked carefullly and I supsect one h as to register…is there no other place you can put it ?


That’s great !
thanks for sharing ^^

I don’t think you have to register. You just enter a captcha code and wait 45 seconds and then you can d/l. If you can suggest a better site, I can try to u/l an improved version. :slight_smile:

ok my bad sorry… I did not notice the captcha code in upper far right window…


Anybody have this code or something similar ?

I’m exploring some player customizations options and wanted to see what’s possible in panda

Anybody have a color picker in Python?

ah, just found pynche in the python distrib. Will have a play with that.