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We’re 3dFoin, here’s some of our models:

(you can buy them if you like)


Tada! We have new model :smiley: Yayyyy it’s another goblin:



The model in action:

If you buy him now you’ll get a 20% discount :smiley: Yayyyyyyyyyy

Check out our other models too:


I bought one of your models - the Krasue monster. I have to say, I was impressed… mostly because of the formats you gave with it. I was able to very quickly use the .x version in Panda3D. Decent model at a decent price.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


What’s the license?
Can I buy a model and donate it to the Panda3D project?
I’d offer it under the CC-BY license, so everybody can use it.

There’s a EULA.txt that came with the model I bought. It’s a bit vague, the main part reads:

It also goes on to say:


I see. Thanks.

So actually you can’t buy any of these models, but just the permission to use it in one of your project. And even that only under certain circumstances. That explains the low prices.

It’s a bit like if someone sells you some pictures, but you’re the only one allowed to view them and others can only view something the picture is used in.

I hate such restrictive licensing models, but I guess artists have not many options. They need to earn some money, somehow.

Nemesis thanks for your understanding, most people buy models to make games only so we think the EULA is kinda fit :slight_smile:

Thanks for purchasing our product Gary, we’re glad you like it :smiley:

We recently changed our EULA, you can view it here:


You can use the model in multiple games now.


Cool. Krasue will make an appearance here soon:




wow, I really like the gameplay :smiley: very nice Darthrigg, good job!

Hi you guys, we have new model for sale, it’s Basilisk:



Buy it today to get a 20% discount, yayyy (through 11/02/2011) :smiley:


You’re skilled. The model looks great. That’s probably because of the detailed textures.
Just out of curiosity and with no offense: how can the basilisk close its mouth? O.o Wont that hurt, considering the big teeth?

Have a nice day.

That’s why basilisks are always so angry. :wink:


I read the post about the terms but I just want this to be clear.

If I buy a model and use it, will I be able to market my game using the model? Or can I only use the model in game?

@Nemesis#13: thanks for your comments Nemesis, the fangs are also rigged and animated (when you look closer to the animations clip you will see it) ^^, like real snakes they will be erected toward when the snake want to bite or open mouth and back in when Basilisk close his mouth

David: LOL :laughing:

Hobbit: yes you can use rendered images of the models to market your game.

Hi guys, we have new models, :smiley: It’s a statue pack!

The statues add culture to your game, the players will be like “Hey, there’re some high class people live (or used to live) here!”, their beautiful presence makes your levels more believable. Seriously, what kind of temple (or castle, ruins, mansion etc.) would it be without statues?

They’re about 3-3500 triangles per statue but they look like a very high polygon ones thanks to the normal maps (also diffuse textures).

Get it today for only $9 (20% off, this week only!)


I love the stuff you’re doing! I’m already using the krasue model as you know. I don’t have a direct need for some of your newer models (though I like that statue pack!).

What sort of prices would you charge for custom models? I’m talking about models about as detailed and animated as krasue. I do not need “exclusive licensing”. If you build a model for me - you are free to sell it again. But I do need some help with characters and animation at the moment.


Thanks for your interest and compliments Gary, unfortunately, we don’t offer custom modeling service currently cos we’re all busy now. :confused:

[color=green][size=150]The 6 1s pack![/size]

[color=red]SALE PRICE: $61!!! YOU SAVE: $91!!!

ONLY ON 11-11-11!!!

11-11-11, The Date Can’t Be Written in This Way Again for a Century. It’s a big deal, so 3dFoin is offering once-in-a-century models pack with special price to celebrate the occasion: THE 6 1s PACK!

This is a great chance to get a lot of characters on 3dFoin with a HUGE discount, they're enough for you to start a new fantasy project to earn money and expand it later with upcoming 3dFoin's models.
    This pack contains:

        -     Female Warrior Pack (Female Peasant included)
        -     Dark Knight Pack (Male Peasant included)
        -     Goblin Assassin model
        -     Short Goblin model
        -     Krasue model
        -     Dragon model
        -     Basilisk model


Hi guys, we have new model again, tada! It’s The Baby ($9 only (sale price)):

Sometimes the players find it’s tough to face small enemies, the smaller the target, the harder it is too hit, and usually small monsters are faster,

come in large numbers, so players have to change their strategy to survive. Small mobs like the baby make your gameplay more challenging and

interesting. The baby is suitable for some funny platform games also. :smiley:



The baby has 1600 triangles only so they can attack in large number without decreasing the frame rate :smiley:.
Come buy it today to get a 20% discount (only in this week), yayyyyy


3dFoin Black Friday Sale
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Hi everyone, it is that time of the year again and we’re doing a Black Friday sale!
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