1976 by Damage (1st in the Xenium 2023 PC Demo Competition)

1st in the Xenium 2023 PC Demo Competition

Code: @miklesz (Mikołaj Leszczuk), Msx: Dan (Dan Lulkowski), Gfx: Sitek (Marcin Sobczyk), Szudi (Szymon Szuchaja), Pajda (Marcin Guzik)

The creators of the “Kramsta” demo are back.

“1976” is a multi-platform demo for PC (Windows/Linux) and Mac, made with Python and Panda3D.

Damage’s new production under the mysterious title “1976” is ready to play.


Congrats! What you did with P3D is amazing! I really like this ASD-lifeforce-like style and the reference to amiga and some other ‘popular’ demos.

I am really proud to see P3D used for demos.

Can’t wait for the next one!

PS: :wink: for the reference to the sncf jingle…

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Thank you!

Are you looking forward to the next demo?

Well, if all goes well, then…

Look to my coming on the last light of the thirty first day of March, at sunset look to the Revision 2024 Demoparty

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@miklesz Hi sir, I’m quite new at using panda3d, and what you are doing is great! Is it possible to share the source on GitHub? I’m trying to do something similar, but I’m getting lost in the point cloud to rendering process at speed.

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Sure, just provide me with your GitHub ID, and I’ll add you as a collaborator.

BTW: Harvest by Damage (6th in the Revision 2024 PC Demo Competition)

Thank you very much.

It’s OompaSLoompa · GitHub


Added you as a collaborator. Thank you for joining!