I am very excited as of today I have setup the key elements to create this game! I am very new python and I had not did any programming in six months, so when I was inspired to write this game I wasn’t sure I could pull it off- especially when I was writing a 2d looking game on panda’s 3d engine.

Today I proved to my self it is doable for myself as I finished a working zombie generator, a click and drag method, custom cursors, timers, sounds, backgrounds, 2d animations and collisions, my basic GUI and UI elements with buttons and frames, and basic combat math!

Be warned this is just fast programmer’s concept art!

heh very cute concept - looks very promising to me, keep up

wanting to see more :slight_smile:

Well I have upgraded the background and gui graphix so that I can move forward with a better idea of game play. Still need more grfx, but it can function now. things left: spell and monster cards, more char sprites,sfx animations, tieing gold, mana, and deathgems to game functions. Better sound effects and music. Also Char’s need to be rescaled.

I resized the background to powers of 2. Here is the idea:

You control the graveyard and the computer controls the farm. You both build up defenses and offense and then the results battle it out. First side to reach the other’s end wins level.

Not much to show but I would really like opinions so far.

well it definelty looks nice. i dont see that much programmers art either.
only thing i see is texture-repeat which causes some blured-lines on the edges of your sprites (gravestone).
if you release a demo i’d he happy to give it a run.

sorry to ask JB but why you changed the background perspective? I mean before correctly matched the puppets but now it face from top.

I am building a 17x9 grind for them to fight on, so I needed the grass to show the grid for me. The characters will be scaled and updated to fit the new aspect. I also wanted the game to have a pseudo top down look- with side views for the zombies.

I am working on creating the new character and gravestone art.

I need to add a few more elements then I can release the game for a concept run.

I hope to get a critique on both my code and playabilty when I have something more to post, so I can learn where I need to improve.

Thanks for the encouragement
JB SKaggs

A collection of the character sprites from this game- these are the concept stage and will be polished right before animation. (I found someone to do animation. I drew all these with a mouse so excuse the messiness. Anyway so now I have the artwork in place to finish the concept stage of the game.

HAHAHA, wow, it looks good :slight_smile: You should really post the code for us to play on soon:P

I went back and applied the lessons I learned and rewrote this from scratch.

Edit: THIS is a WIP and at concept stage. It does not do much at all beyond spawn zombies- except for the fact that it also does a lot of placement testing that was pretty hard for a noob like me to figure out.

(this is the third rewrite, remember I am a noob to all this)


a screenshot

It only has 1 gui button, all the gold and jewels are not implemented and only three characters- a zombie, a pumpkin wall and a farmer shooter. There no functioning levels. Only the zombie’s can be destroyed they do not attack yet. (They did in my earlier versions but the code was so inefficient I threw it away and started over- twice.)

So I want to get a critique on the base structure before I expand it.

Known issues:
A linMath error caused by setting y to zero on scale.
I need change movement to match time elapsed. I need animations, and i need to implement combat outside of bullet damage. The sounds are place holders and will be changed. I eliminated the 2d background and now use tiles- they will be updated as well.

So please look at the possibilities of what I could do rather than what I have done. Anyway the game will have a cost to summon zombies that will be paid for by slave goblins working in mines. The rooms they make by mining open up new game options and menus. The mining screen is not posted here.

I would like to know if I am making some misteps though. I appreciate all this forum has done for me and others like me.

‘escape’ ends game

JB SKaggs

this is what i got here JB:
in fullscreen I can’t see the zombiecard to the top left, I’ve to disable fullscreen then play with window size to finally see it.
All I managed to play is to put a couple of tombstones into the grass and therefore spawn some walking zombie but I don’t get it what else I can do then.

That’s all the game does now- I am looking to have the code for this critiqued. Though this doesn’t do much it is the structure for everything else and if I have made a mistake it is best to catch it early.

Earlier I had finished much further ahead- but it was so bug ladden that I wanted to go back and make a better version and then expand when the basics where solid.

Concerning fullscreen gui placement- I will need to figure that out.

Edit: I fixed the button placement and posted the new file.

Thank you for looking at it.

JB SKaggs

not - here is as before
I fixed with 2 lines (below line 357) and like this you’re sure it stay stick there with any resolution or aspect ratio:

357 zombiebutton1 = DirectButton(image='textures/zombiebutton.png', scale=0.08, pos=(-1.45,0,0.90), relief=None, command=callzbimkr1)
358 zombiebutton1.reparentTo(base.a2dTopLeft)
359 zombiebutton1.setPos((zombiebutton1.getWidth()*zombiebutton1.getScale()[0])/2, 0, -(zombiebutton1.getHeight()*zombiebutton1.getScale()[1])/2)

by the way I got two other words:

  1. I hope you don’t get offended or discouraged, but I sincerely preferred so much the first concept (the image int the first post of this thread) - this one I simply don’t get it and to me don’t take the challenge against the first one I mentioned.
  2. you should keep the main download link in the first post that is what ppl see at first coming in this thread - the other is a bit difficult to find.

keep up the cute job!


about the concept: I could use hidden grids like now but have handpainted scenes like on the first is that what you mean? Or do you mean the UI etc?

I mean both the UI and the point of view, as is the perspective is drawn the background scenery. In the other 2 sketches we see the scene from top or from side, in the first one we see the scene in pseudo isometric (old school parallax videogames) that I like the most

cool , fun game. You have to make different levels… Good Job

Thanks I hope to return to working on Zombielord soon- but I am being relocated again and my life has become anything but calm enough to have time to program. Hopefully when I reach my new destination I will be able to work more on this.

Thanks and feel free to make any suggestions or thoughts that would bmake this a better game.

I think that was really an exciting game to play since it is related in zombie and the game will become more interesting if it has challenging quests and missions.

I know this is a very most likely not possible- but does anybody who downloaded this still have it? As I said yesterday I lost all these files and would love to find a copy of my older work.

Thanks JB