Zelda a Link to the Past - Remake

Hi all, a friend of mine is creating a game, a remake of zelda series, wich I am helping with scripting with Panda3D, currently we are 3 working in this project.

Abou the project:

The game is a RPG, following the same style of the traditional 2D, where the player must explore the Dungeons in search of items, equipment or weapons and defeat the boss at the end, all with a vision of approximately 45 of the world, without isometric options to move or rotate the camera. Not to mention the battles, characters, NPCs and so that is what everyone expects.


1- Game levels, objects and environment modelling
2- Animated objects, NPCs, enemies, equipaments, itens and weapons modelling
3- Character animation
4- Graphical interface
5- Programming (Python/Panda3D)

Some screens:

Current team:
Zephyro - Author and leader of the project
Marcc3d - Scripting Python/Panda3D
Rafagamer2005- Graphical interface

We are open to suggestions and commentaries, if someone would like to help us in this project, feel free to post and ask about the project.[/i]

Thank you Marcc3d!

I have other two screens:

I think you should simplify the textures on some of your objects a bit. The shots in blender makes the scene look a bit too noisy to me.

Also, beware when setting up fan projects that explicitly copy another game. Sometimes the company might be cool with it like Valve and Gang Garrison but from what I’ve heard Japanese game companies are not too cool with it. I’m not so sure on Nintendo though. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen multiplayer Zelda tribute games before but I don’t think they were explicitly saying they were copying from Zelda.

Screenshots look very good, but as marc said I don’t know if copying directly another game may be a good idea or not. Why don’t you use this work to make a game with same graphics of zelda, but different characters,concept and gameplay? :wink:

thank your advice/warning, The project just started and I didn’t set up too much things yet, only the gameplay will look like Ocarina, the graphics came from LTTP. Actually I modelled just two scenes, the link’s house and the first dungeon. Marcc3d is helping me on a demo release with some features, grab and throw items, to get used to Panda3d.

Yoshi, I think if people join the team, they make suggestions or commentaries like you two did, the project will be better than it is now.

Nice work, I did the same a long time ago in another 2d game engien (game maker). Did the same game too (did the full version). From what I understand is, as long as you dont sell the work or claim it as your own, then its ok to by most company as a learning tool, but once you say its yours, your under the copy right law.

Blizzard & Valve says the same thing with their games too.
Nintendo says the same thing ish. They are not as cool about it. You’ll have to make sure its a learning tool only thing, yes you can show off your game, but you cant say it was only made by you.

Just a fyi, it never hurts to ask the company if you can use their stuff. They will not bite you, or they havent biten me yet, lol.

People are usally busy with their game ideas so finding a team will be sorta hard. Right now my team is only of 4 of my friends, but I still do most of the work as they just sit around :imp:

Yoshi right tho, change it up some here and there. This will give you a much more understanding and lets you bring in new game ideas the older games miss out on. Like the ability to make your weapons stronger or maybe like a mini game inside your main game (a card game where they have to find stronger cards) Or I saw this one game where you could grow your own plants and sell em to make your house more better and what nots (something moon?)

right, I forgot to mention LTTP was made by Nintendo. I’m doing that just for the fun and to learn panda, there is no ambition.

I’ll think more about the project and will let you know my progress with panda =)

thank your attention and patience!

Nice, I have been wanting to do something like this myself, but havent get time.

I will like to help if you are acepting people :smiley:

I do 3D modelling and animation, I work on 3D max, Gmax, Sketchup, and can learn quickly. My experience is mostly in modding, If you like Age of Mythology I have a few things to show. I am also part of Wildfire Games, wich is currently developing 0 A.D., Im kinda new there, so there is not much to show about that.

This are all low poly, I think all models are around 1000 tri’s, and the style is to fit the RTS theme. I was thinking in to start with Panda, also to make a Zelda type game, but If I can help it would be better :smiley:

Magnus, yes I’m accepting people,

Add my msn zephyro_ariel @ hotmail . com, so we can talk better, way fast.

Nice models, their style is what I would like to see in that zelda mod.

screens updated with some thing I did with Panda in the last 2 days. Interface by RafaGamer.

here some actions, ‘attack’ while moving around; ‘grab’ when touchin another object; ‘put away’ while resting

menu and button’s focuses:

I’m enjoying and learning Panda really fast! Panda is an amazing engine!